The Galaxy Note Would Be Even Better As A Verizon Wireless Phone

Shortly after Samsung announced officially that the Galaxy Note would come to the U.S. as an AT&T LTE device a rumor began to float around that the carrier’s exclusivity wouldn’t last for long. Word that Sprint and Verizon Wireless would also get a version of the phone/tablet in the first half of the year came from the Examiner and got people excited for a minute.

Even if the rumor is just a guess, it’s not a far-fetched one. Samsung has a habit of releasing major phones across multiple carriers with little or no difference between models. And when they launch a phone on one carrier, it sometimes hops over to another later.

Whether the Note will retain its name is in question — Galaxy Journal is a favorite — but whatever it’s called, consumers want it. Just today we pointed you to an online petition by a Verizon customer begging for the carrier to bring the Note/Journal before too long. So far there are around 500 signatures, but the hope is for 5,000.

It’s not out of the question for Samsung and Verizon Wireless to bring the GNote to the Now Network. And I admit, I want this to happen. Badly.

Many Hope The Galaxy Note Comes To Verizon

I’m a Verizon Wireless customer and I’m happy with the LTE speeds (when the network is up…) and my overall coverage. Plus, because I’m a long time customer I still have unlimited data. It would take a lot for me to jump to another carrier.

The Galaxy Note almost tempts me.

I already know that it’s fast on AT&T’s LTE and I’d expect no less on Verizon’s network. Plus, their LTE coverage is wider right now, so more customers will be able to take advantage of the speed out of the box.

And if you’re comparing plans, Verizon offers a wider range of data plan choices and doesn’t restrict the mobile hotspot feature to just one data tier the way AT&T does.

Watching video on the big, beautiful screen is pretty sweet. Now imagine watching content and games from the NFL while you’re stuck at the dentist’s office or even while flying across country. Don’t forget that Verizon and Redbox have hooked up for a streaming media/rental service that will likely only be available to VZW subscribers.

I expect we may have to wait a little while to find out if my wish comes true and the Galaxy Note does end up on non-AT&T carriers. Remember that Verizon didn’t participate in the Galaxy S II launch because they were set to get the Galaxy Nexus, and it’s only been a short time since that launch. Samsung and/or Verizon might want to put a buffer in-between major launches.

They may also be waiting to see how the American market responds to the phablet. If you want to let the companies know how much you really, really want to see the Note all dressed in red, you know where to go.