The Great iPhone 4.0 Detective Hunt

It has been a crazy weekend for those following rumors about the next iPhone that many assume will drop this summer. Word began to spread when Engadget ran some pictures of a device that was found in a restaurant in Redwood City. Apparently the individual with the pictures wanted some cash for folks to look closer.

Most folks screamed fake, Engadget stuck to its guns, and then John Gruber sort of validated Engadget’s claims. Now Gizmodo claims to have the device in question and is starting a series of posts on what it has discovered. I’m guessing Gizmodo paid the bounty to get their hands on the device.

Of course it isn’t working, Gizmodo claims Apple remote wiped it, but they’ve done a tear down and are delving out their findings about components, size, weight, features, etc…

Apparently Apple wants the device back, and I’m sure the legal beagles will be getting involved at some point. Not to mention the fate of the poor individual who might have left this behind is probably a nasty one.