Toeman: All Tablets Suck

Jeremy Toeman has quite the fascinating read regarding all the tablets that folks seem to be talking about these days, plus the tablets we’ve all been using since 2002. His take:

In practical reality tablets generally suck.   They are both a worse laptop than a laptop, and a worse touch-input device than a piece of paper I can scan with my cheapo HP all-in-one printer/scanner/fax/sock darner combo device.   So this is my ““I don’t care what they say in the focus group, nobody’s buying your crappy tablet” intervention blog post.

Head over and see what Jeremy has to say and then let us know what you think. Is he spot on in certain areas and totally missing it in others? Personally, I think he is totally missing the boat in the handwriting reco area. I’ve never been more impressed with handwriting reco than how it is done in Windows 7. Piece together great software and optimal hardware (no passive touch, please), and you’ve got a great experience.