Top 11 Ways to Use Your Hot New iPad (Video)

The new iPad is hot, I don’t just mean 3 million sold during opening weekend hot, but literally hot.

How hot? According to consumer reports it can reach a not so blistering 116 degrees Fahrenheit.

Despite the 13 degree heat bump while playing games, Apple says that this is well within their thermal specifications, which is a nice way of saying they are OK with a hotter iPad.

Why wouldn’t they be? Apps can only go so far. Siri can’t help you fake a fever or evade an angry heat seeking creäture, but your hot new iPad can.

Top 11 Ways to Use the Hot New iPad

In the video below, you’ll find 11 ways you can use the HOT new iPad to do more than a simple app. It’s as if Apple  added these extra features to the new iPad on purpose. I haven’t found an Android tablet that can do this.

New iPad Fry an EggHot New iPad Uses:

  1. Fry an egg — in several hours over very easy.
  2. Cook a romantic dinner.
  3. Melt chocolate for strawberry dipping.
  4. Fake a fever Ferris Bueller style.
  5. As a heating pad to relieve iPad Shoulder.
  6. Keeping your coffee warm.
  7. Distract Predator.
  8. Signal for rescue – better thermal image signal.
  9. Prevent hypothermia.
  10. Warm up the colonoscopy instruments.
  11. Puppy warmer.

There you have it. WARMGATE isn’t an issue. It’s a design choice that helps you do more with your new iPad. When apps leave off, the hot new iPad picks up, making your life easier.

Has the hot new iPad made your life easier? What else have you ben able to replace with the iPad now that it runs warmer.