Universities: Kindle DX Doesn’t Make the Grade

kindle-dx.jpgRemember those universities experimenting with replacing textbooks with Kindles? Well, at least two of them aren’t giving the Kindle DX a passing grade. The University of Wisconsin-Madison and Syracuse University are calling for improved features, including accessibility for blind students.

A Beta News article put a whole lot of emphasis on the needs of blind students.

So what would the universities want improved on the Kindle DX before rolling it out to its student body? Pretty much all the functionality of a textbook, plus improved text to speech capabilities. A university official was quoted as saying:

This version of the Kindle e-book reader missed the mark. It is relatively easy to envision an improved e-book reading device that meets the needs of the entire university community. Such a device would include universal design for accessibility, higher-quality graphics, and improved navigation and note-taking.