USA vs Belgium: Live Stream to Watch at Work & Score

The USA vs Belgium live stream is the way millions of USA fans will watch today’s important match, which determines if the United States Mens National Soccer Team will progress further in World Cup 2014 tournament play. Several sources will offer a USA vs Belgium live stream, which are free with a cable or satellite subscription and one sneaky option that will let you watch the USA vs Belgium 2014 game even if you don’t have cable.

Here is a quick look at when the game starts and the best options to listen to or watch the USA vs Belgium live on a computer, iPhone, Android or iPad. We’ll also show you the fastest way to check the USA vs Belgium score.

Here's everything you need to know to watch USA vs Belgium live at work.

Here’s everything you need to know to watch USA vs Belgium live at work.

Unfortunately the USA vs Belgium game time is right at the end of the workday on the East Coast and right after lunch on the West coast, so pretty much any fan who wants to watch USA vs Belgium at work will need to use an app or streaming service. The game starts at 4PM Eastern, 1PM Pacific and pre-game coverage starts 30 minutes before the game. Budget about two-hours to watch the full USA vs Belgium 2014 matchup with 45 minute halves, half time and stoppage time for injuries.

Clint Dempsey, Jozy Altidore and the rest of the United States Mens National Soccer Team led by Coach Juergen Klinsmann take on Belgium. USA comes in with one win in the last five matches against Belgium, hoping to advance with a top-notch performance.

These 5 World Cup apps will help you follow the action if you can’t watch the match. Keep reading to learn the best places to look for a USA vs Belgium live stream to watch at work or on the commute home.

If the United States beats Belgium they advance to play the winner of Argentina vs Switzerland on July 5th. Unlike the last game, a loss is not an option.

USA vs Belgium Live Stream

Fans need to use one of three options to watch the USA vs Belgium live. If you already pay for a cable or satellite subscription the option is easy, but if you don’t you will need to plan and use a little trickery to watch live.

USA vs Belgium live on WatchESPN

ESPN airs the USA vs Belgium match on TV and on the WatchESPN app. This free app requires a subscription to a cable or satellite company. It is included free with a paid subscription on Time Warner, Comcast and many others, but not on DirecTV.

You can follow these instructions to download the WatchESPN app and use it to watch USA vs Belgium live at work or anywhere you can get an internet connection.

During the last match WatchESPN was down for part of the game, if that happens you will need to jump over toe the next option, or wait a few minutes.

"I believe that we will win," is the Team USA chant.

“I believe that we will win,” is the Team USA chant.

USA vs Belgium Live on Univision Desportes

If you are a DirecTV subscriber or you cannot get in to Watch ESPN, Univision Desportes is the best USA vs Belgium live stream option. You will still need to log in to watch, but during the last game this service did not go down.

The only downside to this option is that the announcers provide commentary in Spanish. If you can’t turn the volume up at work this isn’t a big deal. You can also use the ESPN radio app on another device to listen to the game in English while watching the live stream from Univision.

Download the iPhone, iPad or Android apps to get started. 

USA vs Belgium Live on UnoTelly

If you sing up for a free UnoTelly account you can trick your iPad, iPhone or Android (and many other devices) into thinking it is in the UK, which means you can access free USA vs Belgium live streams on TVPlayer and other apps that are otherwise restricted to other countries.

The USA vs Belgium 2014 matchup is live on multiple services.

The USA vs Belgium 2014 matchup is live on multiple services.

Follow the directions in out guide to watching the World Cup free to get started. This takes a few minutes to set up, but is fairly straightforward. You need to be able to connect to WiFi for this to work.

USA vs Belgium Scores & Highlights

If you use an Android phone you can get USA vs Belgium score updates with Google Now, and after the match the service will also show USA vs Belgium highlights with direct links to videos of goals and important moments.

Use Google Now to get the USA vs Belize scores.

Use Google Now to get the USA vs Belize scores.

Open Google Now, typically with a swipe up from the home icon on your screen or by tapping on the search box on your main screen, and ask What is the USA vs Belgium score. You’ll get the current score and this should signal your interest in future updates and in seeing highlights later on.

You can also go to settings by tapping on magic wand option in the middle bottom of Google Now to customize what you see. Tap on Sports, then on add a team. You can add FIFA World Cup and United States Soccer to ensure that you get updates.

If you use an iPhone you can ask Siri, “What is the USA vs Belgium score?” and the service will give you the current score, but there is no updating like Google Now.