Using a Q1 Ultra to Learn Mandarin

I’m working at a Starbucks in Cupertino before heading over to an NVIDIA conference this afternoon. I noticed a gentleman next to me inking on a Samsung Q1 Ultra next to me and struck up a conversation about the device and how he liked it.

Art picked up the Q1 Ultra because he’s learning Mandarin. With a keyboard, he has to type Mandarin phonetically and then wait for Windows to guess what character he’s looking for. If he doesn’t know the proper pronunciation he’s out of luck. He finds it a heck of a lot easier to just ink directly on the screen when he needs to complete his assignments. This also allows him to practice his penmanship.

He was also using a nifty site called that allows him to ink characters, translate text and more.

Unfortunately, the Q1 Ultra does hang from time to time while he’s trying to ink.