Viliv S10 Special Sales Event Thursday

Dynamism is holding a special sales event for the Viliv S10 blade. The online ultraportable store is offering a couple of incentives on the higher-end Viliv S10’s. If you opt for any of the three models with a 64GB SSD you’ll get a free spare battery and a $70 instant rebate. The Viliv S10 starts at $699 and comes with an Intel Atom Z530 processor, 60GB HDD, Windows XP and 1GB of RAM. HSPA, a 32GB or 64GB SSD, Windows 7 and 2.0GHz Intel Atom Z550 processor are optional. The price with all the bells and whistles is $1,149 after rebate.

Quantities are limited and will ship as Dynamism gets them in, starting April 22.

Visit for more info.