Virgin Announces MiFi Pay-As-You-Go

Road warriors have long touted the benefits of MiFi products from Sprint and Verizon since their inception. The ability to have 3G data speeds wirelessly routed to 5 different devices have allowed for an unprecedented level of productivity as Team GBM demonstrated at CES 2010. One of the main reasons I haven’t jumped onto the MiFi wagon is that I really don’t need such a device on a daily basis. I am constantly within WiFi range, so having a 24-month contract at $60 a month doesn’t make financial sense for me. However, Virgin Mobile (owned by Sprint) has an answer for the part-time mobile warriors in all of us with its own MiFi device. ┬áThe device is the same Novatel unit we’ve seen before and sells for $150 without a contract. Tiered monthly access fees range from $10 for 100MB that expires in 10 days to the more familiar $60 for 5GB that expires in 30 days. Availability starts June 28th at your local Radio Shack, Best Buy, and online at Virgin’s site.

Via Slashgear