Walmart Black Friday 2013 Guaranteed Deal Details and Gotchas

If you are looking at the Walmart Black Friday 2013 ad, no doubt the 21 guaranteed in stock items caught your eye, and for good reason. Most Black Friday deals are in quantities so small that only a few people get the deal, but at Walmart there are many items that Walmart promises you can buy in store for the first hour of Black Friday sales.

If these items sell out you can get a guarantee card with an access code to claim the deal online and get it delivered to your local Walmart before Christmas at the Black Friday deal price. While other stores will run out of big screen HDTVs, iPad mini Black Friday deals and other tech items, Walmart has shoppers covered.

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But, just like with any deal there are a few gotchas to keep in mind. And if you don’t act fast after Black Friday you could miss out on the guaranteed deals, though you won’t lose your money.

The Walmart Black Friday 2013 guarantee is nice, but there are some gotchas.

The Walmart Black Friday 2013 guarantee is nice, but there are some gotchas.

Here’s how the Walmart Black Friday 2013 1 hour guarantee deals work, and the gotchas you need to know about before you line up later today.

Here’s a look at the guaranteed in stock tech deals from the Walmart Black Friday 2013 ad.

  • Funai 32-inch 720P HDTV – $98
  • Vizio 60-inch 1080P HDTV $688
  • iPad mini for $299 plus $100 gift card
  • LG Blu Ray Player – $38
  • Call of Duty:Ghosts – $39.96
  • GTA 5, Assassin’s Creed IV, NBA 2k14 & Batman – $34
  • HP TouchSmart 14-B109WM – $278
  • Beats by Dr. Dre Solo – $114.95

There are other tech deals as part of this, but they are not worth buying.

Must Claim Deals by December 1st

If Walmart sells out of the items above, and a few others, in the first hour they will sell a guarantee card for the Black Friday price. This card will allow you to place the order online for delivery to your Walmart store.

You must register for your deals fast.

You must register for your deals fast.

You will get an Access Code on the receipt that allows you to go to to enter the code and complete the checkout. The code and your gift card should have the right amount of funds to cover the sale, unless you choose delivery to another area or add a protection plan.

You need to claim your deal by 11:59 PM CT on Sunday December 1st or you lose your claim to the Black Friday price.

You Can’t lose the Credit

Even if you don’t register your claim for the Walmart Black Friday 2013 deals you won’t lose any money. The gift card value remains even if you don’t register or decide you don’t want to buy the Black Friday item.

Your access code will be on a receipt at the Walmart Black Friday 2013 event.

Your access code will be on a receipt at the Walmart Black Friday 2013 event.

You can use this gift card to make a purchase in store or online if they don’t want to get the Black Friday item.

In Store Pickup Only

If your store runs out of the items during the Black Friday sales you will need to order for in store pickup. You can choose the store, but you cannot order for delivery at home.

You can also set an alternate pickup person if that simplifies the process, but no matter what you will be going to the store. The only delivery time-frame is before Christmas. Walmart will send you an email when it ships.

You May not Get the Exact Item

A guarantee is not a promise that you will get the exact item that was advertised in store. While Walmart will make good faith efforts to get the exact item that was in the Walmart Black Friday ad, things may not work out just right.

Here’s what Walmart has to say about this scenario,

“We’re sorry that we ran out of the original item however, in most cases, we will provide you with a comparable substitution item for the same price. If you do not want the substitute item, you can return your 1-Hour In Stock Guarantee Card with the original receipt to the Customer Service desk in your store for a refund, or you can use the 1-Hour In Stock Guarantee Card on purchases in any retail format of Walmart Stores, Inc. in the U.S. or Puerto Rico. You will be refunded an amount equal to the balance remaining on your card.”

Hopefully this won’t be an issue, especially for the tech items like the iPad mini which doesn’t have a comparable substitute in the same price range.

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