Walmart Black Friday 2015 Ad: 5 Things to Expect and 3 Not To

The Walmart Black Friday 2015 ad release is likely coming soon with a plethora of deals and options that will tempt users to brave lines in store for several shopping days.

We haven’t seen a Walmart Black Friday 2015 ad scan yet, and we may not see the ad until Walmart shares the official ad.

After monitoring Walmart Black Friday 2015 deals for years, we’ve discovered trends with the ads and deals that one of the largest retailers offers.

What to expect from the Walmart Black Friday 2015 ad.

What to expect from the Walmart Black Friday 2015 ad.

After exploring the latest rumors and leaks we want to help you figure out what you can expect from the¬†Walmart Black Friday 2015 ad and what you shouldn’t expect.

Every year Walmart is at the center of the Black Friday circus thanks to a huge brand, big name recognition and deals that you cannot find at other stores.

As we move closer to Black Friday 2015 and the inevitable Thanksgiving Day deals we start to get a better picture of what Walmart will offer this year.

Black Friday is a major shopping event in the United States that takes place on the first Friday after Thanksgiving Day. This year Black Friday is November 27th, but you don’t need to wait that long to see ads or to get Black Friday 2015 deals.

Over the last two years we’ve seen a huge uptick in the number of pre Black Friday deals that start in early November and come to a peak on Thanksgiving Day — for shoppers who cannot wait until Black Friday proper.

This is what you can expect from the Walmart Black Friday 2015 ad, including when to see it, what will be in it and more.

Don't Expect a Walmart Black Friday 2015 Ad Scan

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Don't Expect a Walmart Black Friday 2015 Ad Scan

For the past several years Walmart Black Friday 2015 ad scans have not leaked to show us what deals you can expect.

We saw a trend towards Walmart controlling the leaks starting as far back as a decade ago with DMCA complaints to take down Walmart Black Friday ad scans.

In recent years Walmart has shifted to simply releasing the Walmart Black Friday ads earlier to appease shoppers who want to see the deals before the Wednesday ahead of Black Friday.

With the possibility of a takedown notice, and with the threat of losing their job for leaking it, we don't expect to see a Walmart Black Friday 2015 ad scan.

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