webOS Testing on the iPad Yielded Superior Results than on TouchPad Hardware

The Next Web is reporting some interesting news that should make you a little angry about HP’s abandonment of the TouchPad and by extension webOS. Apparently engineers tested webOS in a browser on an iPad and found that it ran twice as fast in that environment than it did on the planned hardware.

Well, that explains the “blame the hardware” game. But it certainly reinforces the questions that I raised in this post earlier this morning. Were the inmates running the asylum at HP when this was going on? Did know one with the authority to call a halt to what has turned into a disaster have the foresight, the wisdom, or the stones to do so? If you want to chalk it up to corporate inertia that’s one thing. But if you ask me this certainly makes Leo Apoteheker’s statement at the beginning of yesterday’s earning call ring a bit hollow. This is a paraphrase, but I believe he said, this is all about maximizing shareholder value. I’m not one who believes in that charade that businesses play, but boy, somebody sure forgot the shareholders along the way to this debacle. If you ask me the shareholders should be demanding someone’s head about now.

Now, let’s talk about the customers. OK, so HP new it had a turkey with its TouchPad hardware. I don’t think anyone could count the amount of money it spent dressing that turkey up prior to the launch in order to promote it. Doesn’t anyone think about the dangerous game you play with your company’s integrity and brand when this kind of thing goes on. Don’t think info like this won’t get out to the public in this day and age, as obviously this has. Yesterday it looked like HP was making big strategic moves that could be classified as a gamble. Today it is starting to look like HP is trying to cover its butt.