Weekend Plans for the Mobile Warriors?

It has been a while since we’ve had a Weekend Discussion. I’m curious as to what the weekend holds in store for the mobile warrior readers of GottaBeMobile.com?

My plans include giving the HP Mini 1000 Mi to my kids and wife to use, and see what they think of this “consumer focused” netbook. Will they take to it like HP is hoping? What will they think of the interface and experience? We’ll be making our way to Denver to check out a wild bird sanctuary, so the trip over might provide for some good testing: taking pictures, moving them over, posting pictures to facebook, etc. I’ll also be doing a lot of programming over the weekend, too, so I’ll be plugging away on my newly updated Dell Latitude XT, hacking away at ColdFusion and SQL Server code. By the way, I just heard that Dell.com just posted XT2 drivers, and the XT2 N-Trig drivers are newer than the XT version…might be some play time in there, too….

Sunday, though, will be a much needed day of rest.

What about your plans?