What Would You Pay for an OSX Netbook?

modbook_sm1Netbooks and other affordable devices are booming, but Apple’s stayed out of the game thus far. Some are speculating that Apple will announce a netbook or a device that resembles a jumbo iPod Touch will be announced at WWDC. There’s no shortage of people clamoring for such a device, but I wonder how much people would be willing to pay for an Apple netbook or touchscreen slate.

I’m sure Apple would sell a ridiculous number of miniature MacBooks or jumbo iPod Touches if they were priced competitively, but I’m not so sure they’d be a hit if they were priced much more than the current crop of netbooks. If Apple releases a netbook it would have to be priced under $800 to create enough of a price gap between it and the entry-level MacBook, which sells for $999. Apple would really stir things up of it sold a netbook in the $500 to $600 range.

I use both Windows and OSX machines on a daily basis and would certainly be willing to pay $600 for an Apple netbook. I’m not sure I would buy an Apple slate unless there was some really compelling software tools since I already have an iPhone and MacBook Pro.

Some people argue that an Apple netbook would be a success at any price, but money’s always a factor in a product’s success. For years Mac fans begged and pleaded for an OSX tablet, but how many of them have picked up a ModBook since they were introduced at MacWorld 2007? The ModBook is a really interesting device, but I’m sure the $1,999 starting price is why I haven’t seen a single one of them outside of MacWorld, WWDC and IDF conferences.

What would you be willing to pay for the following devices?

1. A mini MacBook with (10″ or 11″ display) that runs OSX, iLife 09 and other Mac apps.

2. An Apple slate (8″ to 11″ touchscreen display) that’s powerful enough to run full-blown OSX iLife 09 and other Mac apps.

3. A jumbo iPod Touch (8″ to 11″ touchscreen display) that runs the same software and apps as the iPhone and iPod Touch.