What’s in your gadget bag?

I will tell you what’s in my bag. Xavier is making me do it too. No, not really, but it’s always fun to show off what you carry and how you carry it. This bag is my go to bag, but it’s not what I typically carry to trade shows like CES and CTIA. I plan to start attending both shows again too. So, read on to see what junk is in my trunk.

I start off with my favorite bag ever, the Logitech KINETIK 15.4 Backpack.

The front flap of the back opens wide to show a huge amount of storage available. Notice the long zipped pocket and the 2 large velcro pockets? Yep. That’s where I hide the goods.

One of the velcro pockets is where I keep my HD Video camera. This is the JVC Everio GZ-HD300. It’s a little old, but it works and shoots great video. The 60GB hard drive inside can capture enough to last an entire trade show.

The other pocket usually holds my Nikon point and shoot camera. This one is the Nikon Coolpix S70. It’s a great point and shoot camera that shoots 12megapixel photos. With some of the better cameras on smartphones, I don’t use it quite as often now. At shows, I carry a Canon EOS 7D too. (not in the bag, too big for the bag)

If you peek down, you will see that this cave houses sync cables and chargers. The zippered pouch is a place that I throw a spare phone or two in just in case. I carry my main phone in my front left pocket, always.

The middle zippered slot is not very deep and it’s a good place to store my USB drives, memory cards, Eye-fi card, and my AT&T 3G dongle. When I am traveling, I throw my Zune and some ear buds in there.

This is the paper work/laptop place. Nothing to see here.

And the laptop. This one is a small Sony Vaio 15″ white number. I like it.

That’s it. This is what I carry with me almost everywhere I go. I leave the bag in the trunk just in case when I am with the family. :)