What’s Your Longest Running App?

I’ve been reexamining my toolbox of apps lately, simply because my work flow is continuing to evolve. Some of that evolution is because of the work itself, some of that is because of my own personal evolution in terms of the devices I find myself using. As I’m taking inventory of what applications I really need, as opposed to those that hang around and haven’t been used in awhile I’m curious about what our readers use/don’t use anymore.

So, here’s a couple of questions for our readers today.

  1. What’s your longest running app? You know the app you can’t live without, that follows you from machine to machine, and is always at the top of your reinstall list.
  2. What app or apps do you keep hanging around that you don’t use that much anymore?
  3. What apps have you retired recently? What have you replaced them with?