Where Is My OneNote 2007 Printer?

Send To OneNote 2007 Printer Want to know the best way to make a Tablet PC note-taker angry? Take away his ability to print to OneNote, that’s how. Yep, I’ve been pretty frustrated the past couple of weeks, as I somehow deleted my Send To OneNote 2007 printer. I use that printer throughout the day, often marking up printed documents, so being without it has really handcuffed me.

I searched and searched for a way to reinstall the Send To OneNote 2007 printer, but came up completely empty. I tried repairing Office 2007 ( which includes OneNote in my case ), and that didn’t work. So tonight, I performed one final search and hit the jackpot over at TabletQuestions.

Donato had been running in to a similar problem as mine and found that one of his PDF printers had been inadvertently assigned to the Send To OneNote printer port. So, I looked through my PDF printers and found that my Quickbooks PDF Converter printer was assigned to the Send To OneNote port – ah hah, the offending culprit. I reassigned it to the PDF Xchange port, ran another repair on Office / OneNote, and my Send To OneNote 2007 finally reappeared!

If you suddenly find your Send To OneNote 2007 printer missing, take a look at your existing printer and port assignments.

The reward for finding that missing printer is priceless!