Where the MiFi Needs Some Work

There’s no doubt that I’ve been loving the heck out of the MiFi 2200 that I picked up from Verizon earlier this week. However, not everything is coming up daises in the land of the cloud. Here are some things that could be improved, two of which might be easily addressed with a firmware update.

1) When plugged into a computer’s USB port, the MiFi switches from being an access point to a USB modem. That’s not a good thing when the MiFi is running low on battery and you left the AC adapter at home, but still need to broadcast that signal. I would think this could easily be addressed with a firmware update.

2) While the MiFi is charging via the AC adapter, it automatically turns on. It will not charge while turned off. In fact, you can’t turn it off while it is plugged in and charging. This is a problem if you are re-charging the MiFi at night and some devices reconnect to the MiFi instead of your local wireless network, and then proceed to download the latest service pack update from Microsoft during the wee hours of the morning. With ┬ájust a 5GB cap before overage charges kick in, this could be an expensive problem. We need to be able to charge the MiFi without it turning on. Again, I think this could easily be addressed by a firmware update. Until then, I would advise you to go in to your wireless settings and move your MiFi access point down the priority level so your other access points get connected to first when available.

3) There are two ways of checking available battery capacity and neither are that good. First, once the MiFi is powered on, you can go to and see how much battery is left. Second, the power button will start flashing red when the battery is running low. What is really needed is an external battery gauge indicator that can be easily checked by the press of a button. Without turning it on, you’ll would then be able to quickly see that 75% battery is left. Unfortunately, this cannot be addressed by a firmware update. So, let’s hope it gets addressed with the next release of the MiFi.

4) The MiFi is awfully small, but it sure would be nice to have a micro-sd slot available for flash storage similar to the USB727 modem. What’d be even more awesome is if that storage card was also available as a network drive and not just when plugged in via USB!