Why I’m Jailbreaking My iPhone 4S, but Not My iPad 2

Last week the iPhone 4S jailbreak finally arrived, and along with it, the ability to jailbreak the iPad 2. All of these A5 powered Apple devices can now be jailbroken to run all kinds of apps and tweaks Apple won’t allow.

As soon as the iPhone 4S jailbreak tool was available I jailbroke my iPhone to share the steps with you in our how to jailbreak the iPhone 4S guide. At this time I could have jailbroke my iPad 2, but I didn’t and I wont.

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There are many reasons why I jailbroke the iPhone 4S, but it boils down to the need to do more with my phone. As much as I like the iPhone 4S, I like the iPhone 4S jailbroken much better. I get access to features I want on my phone and a better experience.

On the iPad 2 though, I am already there. While there are a collection of great iPad 2 jailbreak apps and tweaks, I don’t have a need for any of them. Additionally, jailbreaking the iPad 2  has the potential to break my most used apps – entertainment apps.

don't jailbreak iPad 2 Time Warner

One of the reasons I didn't jailbreak the iPad 2.

For now, the only app I would lose access to is the Time Warner Cable app. This means I cannot watch live TV on my iPad, something I do very often. Time Warner claims that this is done to prevent piracy, but in reality the company is just being childish. There’s a workaround, but I don’t care to play the cat and mouse game of jailbreak and app updates on my tablet.

When I get done working and want to relax, I grab my iPad and want things to always work as expected. Most of my entertainment app usage happens while I watch shows late at night, a time I don’t want to troubleshoot why an app won’t work.

How about you? Did you jailbreak the iPhone 4S and the iPad 2?