Why This Medical Student Likes Windows Live Mesh So Much

Windows Live Mesh is one of those products whose reach will be felt for a long time to come, especially as Microsoft begins to roll out sync features that tie in their applications (think OneNote, etc).

DaveTN, a respiratory therapist about to enter graduate school, has penned a great article on why he likes Live Mesh so much and the value that seamless sync and access to the files via web brings him as a student constantly on the move.

As a student in the process of finishing my undergrad in healthcare and planning to enter graduate school next fall (Physician Assistant) and working full time during the process, I look for any technological means to give me a (legal/legitimate) edge. Add to the fact that I love technology — which is evident by the fact that I own three tablets, a UMPC, and a desktop as well as a home server — I try to use them in any way possible to make my life and education easier.

But, keeping my information up to date on all of them was a bit of a daunting process.