Will the iPhone 5 Have a Circle Home Button After all?

One of the predominant rumors about the iPhone 5 is that it will have a larger home button which would support gestures, but an iPhone 5 part up for sale on a Chinese website casts doubt on this change.

How To Arena dug up this iPhone 5 replacement part, which claims to be compatible with the iPhone 5, and appears to be designed for a circular home button like you are used to on the iPhone 4.

The “iPhone 5 Home Button Flex Cable Ribbon Circuit,” can be purchased for $6.68, but doesn’t include the actual home button.

This part, along with other rumors that the iPhone 5 won’t be a major change, point to a standard circular home button ont eh next iPhone. This isn’t definitive evidence, as it is easy enough to claim that a part is for the iPhone 5, but China Better also sells other iPhone 5 parts.

iPhone 5 home button part

Possible iPhone 5 Home Button

Some expect the iPhone 5 to support swipe gestures across the home button, such as a swipe left or right to switch apps, based on case designs that had a larger home button cutout. It will be interesting to see if Apple is able to include multitouch gestures on the iPhone 5 using the home button, rather than the screen.

The iPhone 5 is expected to arrive in early to mid October, but we are still guessing about what Apple will or won’t include.. The leak of additional iPhone 5 parts gives credibility to the October iPhone 5 release date rumors, but we still know very little about the actual iPhone 5 itself.

Via AppleInsider