Windows 7 shown to boost laptop battery life…

wintel-1…when watching DVDs and running on an Intel processor.

Yep, per the CNET report, at an event held jointly by Microsoft and Intel, a laptop running Windows 7 was put to the test against one running Windows Vista and the results were impressive.

At a demo on Tuesday, Microsoft showed two identical laptops playing the same DVD, with the Windows 7-equipped notebook getting 20 percent better battery life than one running Windows Vista. In general, users can expect newer systems running Windows 7 to offer 10 percent to 20 percent better battery improvement when watching a DVD.

Why the demo was limited to playing a DVD, I have no idea, but obviously if you watch DVDs on your Intel-powered PC while on-the-go, you now have great incentive to upgrade to Windows 7. Personally, I rip my movies to hard drive ahead of long trips (a practice I adopted out of necessity since my old slate doesn’t have an optical drive), but that’s just me. My mom watches DVDs on her laptop, so this would help her. Still, I would translate this as meaning there’s some level of improvement across the board, which is always good news for mobile users.

Via Lifehacker