Windows 7 Tablet PC Screenshots

image Several of us on the team are fortunate enough to be participating in the Windows 7 beta, and we’ve got some screen shots of some of the new Tablet PC features in Windows 7. Keep in mind, a lot of this might change between now and release. There will be more coming, so stay tuned. Warner will be filming an InkShow soon. Hit the Read More link to see the gallery of screen shots. Click the images for bigger shots.

window7tabletpc 001
The TIP Tab operates a little differently in Windows 7. The Tab on the left side stays hidden until you bring the pen to the screen, then the tab displays allowing you to click it to show the full TIP.   In Vista, the tab would always show and accidentally display when you moved the mouse over it . Correction: Vista has this setting, too, but it is not turned on by default like it is in Windows 7. Correction 2: turns out this might be a pre-beta thing. Others are reporting it working like Vista, defaulting with the tab showing. Oh well. Chalk it up to pre-beta. I actually like it this way, so I’m glad I accidentally discovered it.Inplace tip in the Search, etc doesn’t appear to be there   – at least not yet.
window7tabletpc 002  The TIP also features little how-to animations that display when you click on them — how to correct a word, how to delete, how to split a word, how to join, and an option to hide the videos.
window7tabletpc 003
video demo of how to delete some handwriting
window7tabletpc 005After handwriting in to the TIP, it auto recognizes inline rather than displaying the recognition results in a bubble below the word as Vista does
window7tabletpc 006
The default look of the keyboard in the TIP
windows7tip2 001
Windows Journal looks the same
window7tabletpc 007
The new Math Input Panel, which is seperate from the TIP
window7tabletpc 004
Doing reco with the panel
window7tabletpc 009
The new Sticky Notes and corkboard / bulletin board to flip through the notes
window7tabletpc 010The corkboard / bulletin board displaying the stickynotes
ie8windows7tabletpctip 001Using the TIP in Internet Explorer 8 and Windows 7 — notice everything is already filled in for you, except the domain name — just ink right in that spot and it autoexpands image
Making a correction using the TIP .Test is getting corrected, ““for handwriting” is already recognized and displayed using a special handwriting font.