Windows Phone 7.8 Update Roll Out Could Be Far Off

At Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 event yesterday, there was plenty of talk about the company’s Windows Phone 8 plans but nothing in regards to a release date for Windows Phone 7.8, the operating system that will be heading to some of Microsoft’s older phones including the Nokia Lumia 900. And unfortunately, it’s looking like owners of older Windows Phone devices might be in for a long wait in regards to the Windows Phone 7.8 release date.

According to Chinese site WPDang, by way of WPCentral, the roll out for Windows Phone 7.8 could be a ways away. The site claims that the software won’t be coming through an OTA at first and instead, will be offered on new lower-end Windows Phone models at some point after the initial Windows Phone 8 launch in November. After those phones are released, the Windows Phone 7.8 roll out will begin.

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It could be awhile before we see Windows Phone 7.8 roll out.

So, given that many Windows Phone 8 devices won’t be launching until the middle of the month, it could be awhile before the Windows Phone 7.8 update rolls out to Microsoft’s aging devices.

Keep in mind, this is strictly a rumor at this point and it could definitely be off base, but given that Microsoft remained mum about the subject at its event yesterday, it’s certainly a possibility and appears fairly likely at this point. And given that Windows Phone 7.5 Mango rolled out in a similar way, we’re not betting against a slow roll out for Windows Phone 7.8.

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Windows Phone 7.8 is a stripped down version of Windows Phone 8 which Microsoft has promised for older Windows Phone devices in place of Windows Phone 8. Windows Phone 8 will not be rolling out to any older Windows Phones. Instead, it will be arriving on new smartphones only.

The software will feature the new, customizable Start screen from Windows Phone 8 at the very least though it will likely feature much more than that. Hopefully, we see something emerge soon about the update and various features soon as current Windows Phone owners are likely getting antsy.