Windows Phones Now Due October 6

windows-phones-are-coming-on-october-6th-windows-mobile-blog-the-windows-blogFor those folks who have been waiting (and waiting, and waiting…) for something new on the Windows Mobile front, Microsoft is now officially announcing that Windows Phones (note the drop of the word Mobile) will start to be available October 6. Stephanie Ferguson has a post on the Windows Mobile blog starting afresh the drumbeat that has been out of cadence for quite some time now. These phones will be running Windows Mobile 6.5, and yes, the whole Mobile and not-Mobile labeling sounds confusing to me too.

The Windows Mobile platform has been suffering for quite some time now as Microsoft has been behind the rest of the world in advancing the platform. Of course with all the talk of Windows Mobile 7 in the air, it will make it even harder for them to drum up excitement for the 6.5 edition.

It will be more than interesting to see how this launch goes.