Would you buy a Verizon iPhone?

No, this isn’t a loaded question. It’s a legit, I just want to know, question. Sumocat posted about the umteenth WSJ story already, but I thought a poll would be in order here. I know many that have shared with me that they would buy one in a heartbeat if they could use it on Verizon, but most of them are now happy Android people. We’ve heard this rumor so long that it’s really not that big of deal on Twitter like it had been in previous false reports. So anyhow, would you grab one?

Me, I wouldn’t only because I don’t use Verizon. In a way, I’d love to see Verizon get the iPhone though. There are several reasons why. The first reason is to see what their network does with all the added data being thrown at the network. I am not saying their network is any better or worse than other carriers, but I’d just like to see them get a 400% increase in mobile data overnight to see what they got. AT&T was hit really hard by this massive increase. I am sure the “DROID” folks are hitting the network somewhat hard, but I doubt as hard as thousands of iPhones in 12-30 year older’s hands. The seconds reason is to see how Verizon would handle the offering the iPhone with their massive Android lineup and apparent commitment to Android. Last reason is that it’s about time that AT&T loses it’s exclusive gig.