WSJ: Samsung Galaxy Tab Coming to US on September 16

The Wall St. Journal is reporting that Samsung will announce its Galaxy Tab for the US on September 16, and that it is likely that Samsung will be releasing it with Verizon, Sprint, and AT&T as partners. There’s still no official word on the US price point but speculation is centering on somewhere between $200 and $300.

If Samsung has cut deals with all three major US carriers, then it means Samsung is going for broke with this release. That’s all well and good, but this comes after a Samsung Exec has already said we’ll see newer tablet/slates earlier next year, and a Google exec has said that Froyo (the Android version on the Galaxy Tab) isn’t that well suited for Tablets, and that the next versions will be optimized for the form factor.

I’m hoping Samsung does indeed make a big splash with the Galaxy Tab, but I have to say that I’m concerned about what we’re hearing on all these fronts. This is nothing but base speculation on my part here, but unless Samsung has pulled off some deals like Apple did with AT&T on its month to month package for the iPad, I just can’t see a lot of consumers opting for another contract, even if the Galaxy Tab has phone capability. Keep in mind there is no WiFi only option that we’ve seen for the Galaxy Tab, like there was for the iPad.

I know there is some interest here in the Galaxy Tab among GBM readers so let us know your thoughts. What’s the price point got to be for you to pull the trigger? Will a contract deter you?