Xbox One Will Require New Headsets and Accessories

With the Xbox One Microsoft will use some new technologies that will force gamers to buy all new headsets and other accessories.

In an interview with Game Informer accessory maker Astro revealed that it in the process of asking Microsoft for a developing license for the new Xbox One. While the switch to new controllers is nothing new for new console generations, gamers will also have to replace other accessories if they upgrade to the Xbox One from the Xbox 360.

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The Astro A50 universal gaming headset won't support voice chat on Xbox One.

The Astro A50 universal gaming headset won’t support voice chat on Xbox One.

Astro and other companies such as Mad Catz and Turtle Beach have to get approval from Microsoft before creating accessories for the new console. As Astro director of marketing Aron Drayer told Game Informer, only accessories made for the Xbox One will work with the new console, locking out old Xbox 360 accessories.

While universal headsets should still support audio from the Xbox One, gamers will have to buy new headsets to use voice chat. Only headsets made for the Xbox One can support voice chat on the console.

Notably, Microsoft won’t pack a voice chat headset with the Xbox One, making gamers buy the first-party or any approved third-party headset for voice chat. That’s a big change from the Xbox 360, which included an Xbox Live headset with every console.

For its part, Astro is waiting to see what its audience of hardcore gamers want from a headset for the next-generation console. It’s possible that its current A30 and A40 headsets will still work with the console with an adapter or a new mixamp.

It appears what while Microsoft wants accessory makers to create new products for their console, Sony won’t require all new accessories for the PlayStation 4. “Based on what we’ve heard (and a lack hearing from anybody else), our assumption is that things are very likely going to work as they do today,”Drayer said.

The PlayStation 4 will come with a voice chat headset for gamers without headsets, but those with current headsets may not have to buy new ones unless they want them.