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10 Essential Mac Apps



Check out the 10 essential Mac apps that you should install on your Apple computer to use your computer better, get more done and enjoy your device.

You can also read out list of the best free Mac Apps to download, for even more suggestions on doing more with your computer. The list below includes some free apps and some paid Mac apps, so you will need to open your wallet, but all of them are worth the price.

Wether you are setting up a new MacBook or looking to do more with your current Mac, these essential Mac apps will help you out.

These are the essential Mac Apps that you need to install.

These are the essential Mac Apps that you need to install.

You can buy some of these Mac Apps in the App Store, but some of them will require a download from an outside website. If you have trouble opening them, you will need to go to Settings -> Security & Privacy -> General -> Allow apps downloaded from -> Mac App Store and identified developers. You may need to choose Anywhere some times, but often there is an option to allow the last app that you tried to open from this screen, which allows you to bypass the restrictions.


Manage your Windows in OS X better with this tool.

Manage your Windows in OS X better with this tool.

This amazing $1.99 app lets you use keyboard shortcuts to resize windows, drag to an edge to change the window placement and much more. If you are sick of manually sizing two windows to sit side-by-side or dragging to another monitor, this is a must have Mac app.

$1.99 in the Mac App Store


Dropbox is the best way to keep files in sync between multiple computers, iPhones, iPads and Androids. The free plan offers 2GB of storage, but there are options to get free Dropbox storage by completing simple tasks.

Free from Dropbox

Tweetbot for Mac

Tweetbot for Mac is essential for heavy Twitter users.

Tweetbot for Mac is essential for heavy Twitter users.

Tweetbot for Mac is the best Twitter client for you Apple computer. The design is great, it supports multiple accounts and allows you to mute annoying items on Twitter. Support for multiple columns and windows lets you use lists, searches and mentions easier than on Twitter and everything syncs between Tweetbot for Mac and Tweetbot for iPhone and iPad.

$9.99 to $19.99 on the Mac App Store


TextExpander is an essential tool for anyone who needs to type similar information over and over. Stop copying and pasting and set up keyboard shortcuts that can turn four letters into a boilerplate closing statement or an annoying product name that requires multiple capital letters and punctuation. You can also set it up to correct words you misspell regularly and more. There is a free trial available.

$44.95 from Smile Software


LastPass is  an amazing password manager that remembers all the complicated passwords and usernames that we need to use websites and applications. The tool can also generate secure passwords and help you discover password problems. Passwords sync to your computers and to mobile devices and can automatically fill in or log you in to most websites. LastPass is free to use, but you need to pay $12 a year for the ability to use it on your iPhone or Android. Read our LastPass Review.

Download LastPass for Mac

Google Chrome

Google Chrome is a better browser than Safari for many users. The Chrome browser delivers better extensions support, better tab management and in general works better than Safari. When you sign in with your Google ID your extensions and bookmarks sync to the browser and you can see all of your tabs on all of your devices. The team behind Chrome are making battery life better on Macs, but you may still want to use Safari in some cases where battery life is the most important thing on your mind.

Download Google Chrome for Mac


Spotify beats Apple Music.

Spotify beats Apple Music.

Apple Music is a painful way to listen to your favorite bands and online radio stations. Instead, Spotify offers a more mature solution that includes most of the same tracks. Spotify is $9.99 a month for the premium version, but there are free radio options for users. This is the best streaming music service you can buy on Mac or any device. The subscription works across your other devices as well.

Download Spotify


You don’t need Microsoft Word on your Mac thanks to the Apple software that comes free with new Macs. Most users can download Pages free, to open and edit Word documents and create new documents without spending money. Pages is perfect for personal use and may be enough for small business users as well. When you save to iCloud your documents are also available on other Macs, your iPhone and your iPad.

Free on the Mac App Store for New Macs


The Photos app does a good job of basic photo editing, but if you want to get more advanced by combining images, adding text and other features you can choose Pixelmator. This essential Mac app delivers many of the same PhotoShop features that the average user needs at a better price. Frequent updates add new features and tools to improve the software. Download a free Pixelmator trial to see if you like this app.

$29.99 on the Mac App Store


Mailbox is a Mail replacement that makes reading your email on Mac faster, easier and more in tune with what you have time to deal with at the moment. The conversations look like a chat and you can snooze an email to come back to you when you have time to deal with it. After use it will learn your common activities and start to automate. You can also use Mailbox on iPhone, iPad an Android for the same experience.

Download Mailbox for Mac

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