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10-Inch BlackBerry PlayBook Canceled in Favor of BlackBerry ‘Superphone’?



At the beginning of the month, we touched on a rumor that stated that RIM was at work on a 10-inch BlackBerry PlayBook model that was apparently scheduled to be out in time for the holiday season. Well, it appears that RIM has scrapped that project in favor of something that B4BB is calling a BlackBerry “superphone”.

BlackBerry PlayBook

It appears that the company has ceased development of the 10-inch version of the tablet and instead will shift focus to a QNX powered BlackBerry ‘superphone’ that will apparently include:

  • Single-core 1.2GHz processor (same as Bold 9900), word has it that the same dual-core processor in PlayBook is a huge battery killer, but a dual-core processor is still a possibility
  • 900+ screen resolution
  • 4.3″ touchscreen

No other information about the mysterious BlackBerry ‘superphone’ is known beyond that. A possible release date for the new smartphone is unfortunately unknown at this time as well.

So, now that the 10-inch PlayBook is apparently canceled, it looks like RIM is going to be relying on the 4G LTE version of the PlayBook which is apparently not slated to arrive until sometime this October.



  1. Fresh fire

    06/29/2011 at 5:54 am

    1.2Ghz processor? Samsung is already planning for 1.4Ghz upgrade of Samsung Galaxy S! Well, let’s just see how this plays out.

  2. ak

    06/30/2011 at 11:43 am

    Now RIM plans to replace its playbook with a superphone? let’s wait to hear this one tunr out to be rumour as well by RIM:

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