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10 iPad 2 Covers With Magnets: Smart Cover Alternatives



The iPad 2 Smart Cover allows you to turn the iPad 2 on ad off by opening and closing the Smart Cover, much like the light in your fridge. This magnetic marvel is a handy feature and now that third-party case manufacturers have had a chance to go hands on, we are seeing a number of iPad 2 cases with magnets that give the Smart Cover a run for its money.

10 iPad 2 Cases and Covers with Magnets

Marware MicroShell Folio iPad 2 Case – $69.99

Marware Microshell iPad 2 Case

iPad 2 back protection and magnets are standard on the Microshell

The Microshell from Marware keeps everything you love about the Apple Smart Cover and adds rear protection to the mix. There’s not as many colors as you can get from Apple, but at $69.99 it’s not bad considering you have all around protection.

Grove iPad 2 Wooden Case with Leather Smart Cover – $99

Grove delivers a beautiful but expensive iPad 2 case. The wood back gives this case an upscale look and the included magnets mean you won’t need to sacrifice function for style.

ion CarbonCover iPad 2 Case with magnets – $69.99

ion factory CarbonCover for iPad 2

CarbonCover for iPad 2

The Carbon cover is another iPad 2 case with magnets built-in to activate the sleep and wake functionality. Additionally, the case has rear protection and comes in white to match the look of the much sought after white iPad 2.

Grove iPad 2 Leather Magnetic Cover with Designs – $69 and Up

Grove iPad 2 custom leather smartcover

Choose from artistic designs, or get a custom leather engraving.

If you don’t need a rear case, but want a more elegant Smart Cover, you can pick up a Grove leather smart cover instead of the official leather cover. Choose from a plain finish, an artist rendition or a custom leather engraving.

Octavo iPad 2 Book Case with Magnets – $59.99

Octavo for iPad2 case with magnets

The Octavo brings a Moleskin look to the iPad 2 and Magnets.

Octavo delivers an iPad 2 case with the classic Moleskin look and include magnets to activate the wake/sleep feature on your iPad 2. At $60 this is definitely a tempting choice. Available in red, blue and green interior colors.

Miniot  Wood iPad 2 Cover with Magnets – $70

Miniot iPad 2 cover with magnets

Miniot wooden iPad case with magnets

The Miniot is a wooden iPad 2 case that includes magnets to activate the sleep and wake functions. The beautiful wood finish rolls back to support your iPad 2 at multiple angles including typing, portrait and landscape.

Portenzo Twenty Three And a Half iPad 2 Case – $99.95

Portenzo Twenty Three And a Half iPad 2 Case

Handmade Portenza iPad 2 Case with optional magnets

The Portenzo Twenty Three and a Half case is a handmade iPad 2 case that can be purchased with or without a camera hole. When you checkout, be sure to add the magnetic closure system if you want to emulate the Smart Cover. You can still opt for an elastic closure if you don’t trust magnets completely.

Padova II Leather iPad 2 Case – $209 to $689

leather ipad 2 case with magnets

The Crocodile leather iPad 2 Case retails just under $700.

For those looking to spend the price of a new iPad 2 on a case, the Padova II leather case comes in calfskin all the way up to the $700 Crocodile iPad 2 case. For that price you get a custom produced cover — and magnets.

YooBao Executive Leather Case – $39.99

yoobao ipad 2 folio with magnets

The Yoobao ipad 2 leather folio

The leather Yoobao iPad 2 folio offers a Smart Cover alternative with a soft leather finish and all around protection for just $40. We just reviewed the case and Kevin is calling it one of his favorites.

DRO Concepts Carbon Fiber iPad 2 Smart Cover – $89.99

DRO Carbon Fiber Smart Cover

DRO Carbon Fiber Smart Cover

If you want a carbon fiber Smart Cover, you’ll love the DRO case which looks just like the official Smart Cover, but comes in a carbon fiber finish. The case is made with real carbon fiber and leather to deliver a high-end look and feel to your iPad 2.

iPad 2 Back Protection

If you already have a Smart Cover, or pick up one of the Smart Cover alternatives without back protection you will want to check out our roundup of iPad 2 back protection which includes four ways to keep the back of your iPad looking like new.



  1. Cynosureabu

    07/07/2011 at 1:42 am

    If you are in US/Canada, you can get the ion carbon cover with free shipping at

  2. guest

    02/03/2012 at 12:34 pm

    what is the point of listing only these freakingly expensive covers. You should put in the title “(Ads)”

    • melinda70

      09/19/2012 at 8:33 am

      They’re not freakishly expensive when you consider what you paid for your iPad. A good, high quality cover is cheap insurance.

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