10 iPad Apps We (Really) Hope Get Retina Display Updates Soon
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10 iPad Apps We (Really) Hope Get Retina Display Updates Soon



Now that we know which apps (besides the stock apps from Apple) will support the Retina Display resolution at launch, it’s time to start bugging our favorite developers for their update schedule.

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The new full HD resolution display is gorgeous by all accounts, but apparently it’s pretty obvious when an app hasn’t yet been optimized for it. I’m sure we’ll all be able to deal with some pixelation and jagged edges for a while, but pretty soon iPad owners will expect all of their apps to look great no matter which generation they own.

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Here are the 10 apps I hope get retina updates really soon as I think the result will be amazing and the experience richer.


One of the best things to come out of the iPad revolution is digital comics. Whether you love Marvel or DC or smaller, indie publishers, you can find thousands of your favorites comics and graphic novels in Comixology’s Comics app. And with more resolution to play with we should see higher quality pages and maybe even no need to zoom in for tiny text.
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