10 New Apple TV Release Date Tips
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10 New Apple TV Release Date Tips



The new Apple TV release date is almost here and you can order or pre-order the Apple TV and soon have it in your hands.

To help you prepare for the new Apple TV release date and orders we want to run down tips that answer common questions we hear about new Apple devices and about the new Apple TV features.

We’ll also go over a few things you should do before the Apple TV release date arrives so that you are ready to order to the new gadget and to use it when it arrives on your doorstep soon after.

What you need to know about the new Apple TV release date.

What you need to know about the new Apple TV release date.

Apple announced the new Apple TV back in September when the company also announced the iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus and the iPad Pro. This is also when Apple shared more details about the iOS 9 release.

Here are our tips for the new Apple TV release date and the days immediately after.

New Apple TV Release Date

Tim Cook confirmed the new Apple TV release date as October 26th. There is no specific time that the orders will start, but the odds are good that we will see the Apple TV sales start around 8-9AM Eastern or at the 12-1PM Eastern time frame. We typically see Apple stick to these options for items that are not the new iPhone.

The new Apple TV release date on Monday is online only, with the device coming to Apple Stores in the near future.

If in Doubt Go Big for More Storage

Apple sells the Apple TV with 32GB of storage and 64GB of storage. Many users may be able to get by with the smaller and more affordable option, but if you are concerned and think you will play a lot of games and keep a lot of movies on your Apple TV, you should invest the $50 to get more storage since you cannot connect a USB drive to the new Apple TV. You can use content from the cloud, so you don’t need to keep everything on your Apple TV, but some users will need more storage.

Have Your Information Ready

If you haven’t made a purchase from Apple lately you should spend a few minutes today making sure your information is ready and correct.

You can login to the Apple Store and make sure your shipping information, phone number and credit card on file are correct.

Make sure you know your Apple ID and password as well. This is a simple step, but it will save headaches later.

Prepare for the new Apple TV release date now.

Prepare for the new Apple TV release date now.

Update to iOS 9.1

Users who want to set up the Apple TV with their iPhone or iPad will need to be on iOS 9.1.

You can read various iOS 9.1 reviews for devices to see if this is an update worth installing for your iPhone,

We suggest upgrading before the new Apple TV arrives on your doorstep, but you don’t need to do it before you order.  Here’s a look at what’s new in iOS 9.1.

Wait for New Apple TV Deals

This is the first new Apple TV in a long time, and it is very unlikely that you will see any new Apple TV deals in the near future.

If you want to save on this gadget, your best bet is to look for Apple Black Friday 2015 deals in November, but even then the savings will likely be in the $15 to $20 range.

How to Track Your Apple TV

After you place your Apple TV order you will get an email from Apple with tracking information. You can use My UPS or FedEx apps to track the progress of your package.

You may be able to use UPS track by reference number, using your phone number, to locate the Apple TV package before Apple updates the status with a tracking number.

Keep in mind you may need to sign for the new Apple TV delivery, so check the emails from Apple to find out if you do.

The new Apple TV release date starts online, and will come to stores soon.

The new Apple TV release date starts online, and will come to stores soon.

Wait for Apple TV Reviews

It’s surprising that there are no Apple TV reviews out yet, but we could see them arrive by the time orders are available. Apple likely delivered units to some reviewers. There are also a number of developers who are working on apps who may share more information after agreements with Apple end.

Count on new Apple TV reviews going live before the device is sold in stores.

You’ll Need a HDMI Cable/Accessories

The Apple TV does not come with a HDMI cable, so you will need to buy one if you aren’t just replacing an old Apple TV.

Amazon is a great place to buy a HDMI cable with various lengths from $5.50.

Another popular accessory for the older device is a mount. We haven’t found a new Apple TV mount yet, but it wouldn’t be a surprise to see some available in the next few weeks.

Decide on AppleCare+

New Apple TV Release Date Tips - 2Apple currently sells AppleCare+ for the old Apple TV for $29. This extends the warranty to two years and phone support to two years as well. The warranty covers the Apple TV, AirPort and remote control. With a new remote control that you swing around for some games this might be a good investment.

Get Familiar With New Apple TV Features

The new Apple TV packs a collection of exciting new features that we think will help the device stand out. Here are 10 that get us most excited about using the new Apple TV.

New Apple TV: 10 Exciting Features

Siri Control of the Apple TV

Siri Control of the Apple TV

The Apple TV now supports voice control, just like your iPhone. You can use Siri to find something to watch or you can use Siri to control playback. Just because you have a sweet new Apple TV remote doesn't mean you need to hold it all the time.

Tell Siri to play a game, find an action movie or Find me some funny TV shows and the Apple TV will respond to help you find something to watch without typing out a show name.

There is a microphone button on the Apple TV remote and dual microphones that can hear what you are saying even with the TV on. Of course you can also say the name of a show you want to watch and it will go right to it.



  1. scott7sabatini

    10/25/2015 at 12:04 pm

    I am wondering where it is stated that movies will be available to keep on the apple tv? I haven’t seen anything that would make one think that all the viewing wouldn’t just be streaming.

  2. PhilBoogie

    10/26/2015 at 12:31 am

    Huh? You guys didn’t find any reviews? They’re all over the net. YT is your best bet, as most are vlogs

  3. Joe Steinhardt

    10/26/2015 at 2:00 am

    Good god. Could you be more desperate to increase your Google ranking for the search “Apple TV release date”???

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