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10 Reasons Why Mind Mapping Can Increase Productivity



Mindmap3The mindmapping softwareblog has a nice list of 10 reasons why mind mapping software should be the foundation of your personal productivity system. If you’re into mind mapping at all, I think you’ll find some agreement somewhere inside that list. If you haven’t yet given mind mapping a go, it makes for some good reasons why you might want to consider it.

I have to say though that I didn’t take to mind mapping easily at first, but now that I have wrapped my brain around it, it is not only an essential tool in and of itself, but the simple act of sitting down with my Tablet PC and doing some thinking and planning via mind mapping also has a very zen-like effect for me. I use MindJet’s MindManager sofware for those needs and I have to say I really enjoy the benefits.

My only problem is finding the time to do so.

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