10 Retina Display Ready Videos That Look Awesome on the New iPad

The new iPad has a beautiful Retina Display capable of showing off amazing detail in movies and photos. If you really want to see the Retina Display on the new iPad shine, skip over Netflix and Hulu Plus and load up some super-high-resolution 2048p and 4096P videos on YouTube and marvel.

These 2K and 4K videos aren’t as popular as those in 1080P, because it’s expensive to use a camera capable of recording at these super-HD resolutions, but there are still plenty of awesome clips.

Retina Display Videos for new iPad

Screen capture of Timescapes 4K on the new iPad

You might have seen several NASA videos, but if you’re anything like me, you want something that will impress you and your friends, not just the geeks.

With that in mind, we scoured YouTube to find the best Retina Display ready HD videos for the new iPad.

Surprisingly, the new iPad plays these high-resolution videos better than most notebooks I have in for review.

Top 10 Retina Display Ready Videos

We found the following 2048p and 4K videos on YouTube. For the best results, turn the brightness up and watch these on your iPad. You can use the link to your left to email the article to yourself, or share it on Facebook and open up the Facebook app on your iPad to grab the URL.

Surf NYC

This video, shot in 4k, which is double the resolution of the iPad has a mix of scenes that show off the iPad’s new Retina Display.

Life in the Garden

Shot on the Red One 4k, this video has a lot of outdoor scenes and texture heavy scenes that look great on the new iPad.

Time Lapse American Cities

This awesome 4k video looks amazing on the New iPad’s display, showing off the night skylines of many cities with dramatic shots and great colors.


This 2-minute video takes you across various landscapes and cultures, showing off beautiful imagery and scenes. Don’t skip any of this Retina Display ready wonder.

Red Epic 4K

Groove to the Red Hot Chili Peppers while you watch this desolate and destroyed storefront shop covered in graffiti and broken glass.

Sintel – Animated Film

This is another favorite. Made by the Blender Institute, this animated film is available in 2048p, which makes it look amazing on the new iPad’s Retina Display.

Pixar Intro

You can’t watch Toy Story in 2048p, but this 4k Pixar intro might help tie you over. If you watch it over and over.

The Hobbit Super HD Trailer

Watch the 4k resolution version of the Hobbit on your new iPad to see an amazing difference. compared to 1080P on my HD monitor the iPad wins.

Transformers: Dark of the Moon Trailer

Watch the highest resolution version of the Transformers movie trailer to see all the details.

Loop: The Movie

Loop is an amazing video shot by the Goddard Spaceflight Center that shows off nature in 2048p, casing water ripples, natural textures and more that look wonderful on the New iPad.

These are just a few of the 2048p and 4k videos available. If you are looking for other examples, search for 2048p or 4K, but watch out for fakes that say 4k and are only uploaded in 720P or 1080P. I ran into many of those during my hunt for great Retina Display videos.

Image is a screen capture of Timescapes 4k.