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10 Things to Do Before Installing iOS 15.7.3



Check With IT

Check With IT

If you use your iPhone for work you might want to check with your IT team (if you have one) and make sure you're got the green light to install iOS 15.7.3.

Enterprise problems plague every single version of iOS and they can be particularly nasty immediately after Apple releases new iOS software.

If you depend on your phone to get you through a day of work it's important to get in touch with IT to see if the iOS 15.7.3 update is safe to use.

If you've got an IT department, they should be able to provide you with feedback about the core apps and services you use.

If you don't have an IT department or a tech on site, you might want to ask around the office or talk to friends who use the same services and see how they're doing on iOS 15.7.3.

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