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10 Things to Do Before Installing iOS 9.2 Beta



Apple’s new iOS 9.2 update for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch is here. In beta form. If you decide to install the iOS 9.2 beta today, or at any point in the future, there are some things we think you should do before making the move.

Last week, Apple rolled out its first milestone upgrade for its iOS 9 operating system. The iOS 9.1 update arrived for all iOS 9 powered devices and it delivered a number of upgrades including over 150 new emojis for the iOS 9 keyboard.

The iOS 9.1 update was the company’s first milestone upgrade for iOS 9 but we figured that it wouldn’t be the last. Our suspicions were confirmed yesterday when Apple released another point update in the form of iOS 9.2.


Yesterday, Apple rolled out an iOS 9.2 beta 1 to developers. The beta confirms an iOS 9.2 update for all iOS 9 powered devices and it also confirms new of the updates new features. It doesn’t have any new emojis but developers are saying it comes with some key fixes and performance upgrades. Those make the beta worth a look.

Ultimately, some of you might opt to download the software ahead of its unannounced release date. And if you do decide to install iOS 9.2 beta 1 or another iOS 9.2 beta ahead of the public release, there are some things you’ll want to do before you install it.

If you’re new to the iOS beta update process or you just want to be safe with iOS 9.2 beta, follow these tips. They’ll help you get ready for the iOS 9.2 beta update.

1: Get Familiar with iOS 9.2

1: Get Familiar with iOS 9.2

You can follow all of these steps or some of them. Either way, we think they'll help you install Apple's latest version of iOS 9.2 beta. 

First, you'll want to dig in and get familiar with the iOS 9.2 beta and its changes. iOS 9.2 beta 1 doesn't bring a ton of changes with it but there are still some worth noting. Developers have discovered changes to the Music app, Siri, and Safari. There are also those performance enhancements we told you about earlier. 

If you're planning to move to the iOS 9.2 update from something older than iOS 9, you'll want to get famiiar with iOS 9.1 and iOS 9 before making your move. To do that, take a look at our extensive walkthrough

Get acquainted with iOS 9.2 (and iOS 9 if you need to) and determine if the changes are worth the time it will take to get the beta on your device. 

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