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10 Things to Do Before the Fallout 4 Release Date



With the Fallout 4 release date for PS4, PC and Xbox One fast approaching, it’s time to start preparing. Here, we outline a few things we think buyers need to do ahead of the Fallout 4 release date on November 10th.

The game that many people have been waiting for since 2008 is almost here. The Fallout 4 release date is still confirmed for November 10th and that means that we’re just mere hours away from the release of Fallout 3’s successor.

As we’ve gotten closer and closer to the Fallout 4 release date, we’ve learned a ton about Bethesda’s plans for the game. The past few weeks have been extremely busy for Fallout 4 buyers and we continue to see new details emerge with just days to go.

Fallout-4-6 1.08.45 PM

We’ve already taken a look at some of the most important things to know with a week to go and today we want to take a look at some of the most important things to do before the Fallout 4 release date arrives for Xbox, PS4, and PC.

Check On Your Order

The first thing to do before the Fallout 4 release date is to check your pre-order. You’ll want to make sure that your order status is still correct in order to avoid release date headaches.

Dig into your pre-order and make sure your delivery information is up-to-date. If you’ve moved recently, you may have forgotten to change your address so make sure you do that.

Fallout-4-1 2.07.14 PM

You’ll also want to make sure that your payment information is correct because companies like Amazon will start charging for pre-orders in the near future and the last thing you want is for your payment to bounce.

If you pre-ordered a Fallout 4 Pip Boy Edition, make sure everything is in order. Bethesda isn’t making any more of these and you’ll want to be absolutely sure that all of your information is current and that the order is still there.

Look Into Midnight Fallout 4 Release

If you pre-ordered the physical version of Fallout 4 (if you ordered a Fallout 4 Pip Boy Edition you’re getting the physical version of the game), you won’t be able to load the game up ahead of the Fallout 4 release time at 12:01AM Eastern.

If you want to play Fallout 4 as soon as humanly possible, you’ll need to take advantage of a midnight release date events. Best Buy and GameStop have both confirmed plans to host midnight Fallout 4 release dates to accommodate buyers and we expect some Walmart stores to offer a midnight release as well.


Only some Best Buy and GameStop locations will offer a midnight Fallout 4 release so you’ll want to make sure that your store is going to be open. For more on the midnight Fallout 4 release, head to our rundown of all the pertinent details.

Pre-Load Fallout 4

If you pre-ordered the Fallout 4 digitally, you can pre-load the game ahead of its release date and that’s something you’ll definitely want to do before November 9th/November 10th.

Microsoft is allowing Xbox One users to pre-load the 28GB file ahead of the game’s release date. You can’t play the game right now though. It will open up at 12:01AM Eastern.

Bethesda has confirmed pre-loads for digital PS4 and PC orders but it hasn’t said when those will emerge exactly. The pre-load for both will arrive sometime before November 10th so you’ll want to keep your eyes peeled.

Delete Files to Make Room

If you are planning to play Fallout 4 on its release date, and you’re running low on space, now would be a great time to free up some space for the game files.

Fallout 4 file sizes (both digital and physical) will range from 28-35GB depending on your location and the languages your game supports. For those with a 500GB HD, that could present problems.


So decide which games and files you want to delete before the release date. That way you won’t be scrambling on November 10th or whenever you decide to play Fallout 4 for the first time.

Look Into Fallout 4 Deals Now

Now would be a great time to look into Fallout 4 deals and bonuses, even if you’ve already pre-ordered the game.

There are a number of Fallout 4 deals out there that will be ending soon and you’ll want to make sure you’re getting the biggest bang for your buck.

For instance, Dell is offering a $25 gift card and release date delivery if you pre-order through its website by the end of the day today, November 4th.

Amazon is also offering $10 off to Amazon Prime members (plus several other bonuses) making it one of the best Fallout 4 offers out there.

Dig into these and who knows, maybe you wind up canceling an order you placed through someone else a long time ago.

Enter Fallout 4 Contests

If you like free stuff, you’ll want to enter Bethesda’s two Fallout 4 contests before their deadlines.

The company is hosting two contests, the Countdown to Fallout 4 and Enter the Vault Sweepstakes, and both end in and around November 10th.

Fallout-4-10 12.32.09 PM

There is no downside to entering either one of these so make sure that you put your name in the hat before the release date. You could win $500 to the Beth Store, a Pip Boy, a trip to Boston (the setting of the game), and more.

Buy a Strategy Guide or Find a Place Online

If you’re new to the Fallout series, or you think that you might need some help with finding items/quests/characters/locations, you might want to pickup a Fallout 4 strategy guide before the Fallout 4 release date.

You have a few options at your disposal including the Fallout 4 Vault Dweller’s Survival Guide Collector’s Edition and the Fallout 4 Ultimate Vault Dweller’s Survival Guide Bundle, both of which are on sale through Amazon. 

If you don’t want to pay for a guide, you don’t have to. There will be free guides out there, you’ll just need to know where to look.

Before the release date, you’ll want to find your favorite format. We enjoy the guides on GameFAQs. They’re free and usually extremely detailed and that’s the first place to look if you think you’re going to need some extra help.

There are going to be plenty of options out there so you’ll want to find the one that suites your style, and eyes, the best.

Find a Forum for Fixes

There are going to be Fallout 4 problems. Bethesda has done its best to eliminate bugs but some will slip through the cracks. This is a massive, complex game.

Before the Fallout 4 release date, we highly recommend tracking down a place to find fixes for Fallout 4 problems. Two places come to mind.


The BethSoft forum for Fallout 4 is a great place to bookmark ahead of the release date. So is the Fallout 4 Reddit. Those two will be excellent resources if and when Fallout 4 bugs and problems emerge.

If you’re buying the PC version of Fallout 4, make sure you bookmark the Steam forums as well. There will be a ton of discussion there as well.

Learn About Fallout 4 Perks

If you don’t mind spoilers, you’ll want to get acquainted with the different Fallout 4 perks and the S.P.E.C.I.A.L system ahead of the game’s release.

Picking the right perks is going to be crucial to your Fallout 4 experience and the more you know about them ahead of time the better off you’ll be. (Though, it is fun to make mistakes and learn from them.)

If you want to read up on perks, head here.

Read Up on Mods/DLC/Season Pass

Finally, we recommend reading up on the what’s next for Fallout 4.

Bethesda has outlined some of the most important post-release information and it includes details about Fallout 4 mods, Fallout 4 DLC and the $30 Fallout 4 Season Pass that’s on sale right now. Some of you might want to buy the Season Pass now or get it with a bundle.

Remember, Fallout 4 mods and DLC won’t be coming until next year and mods will be coming to PC first and then Xbox One and PS4.

Fallout 4 Release Date: 11 Things to Know With a Week to Go

Fallout 4 Deals Still Available

Fallout 4 Deals Still Available

The first thing you need to know with one week to go is that there are still some very tempting Fallout 4 deals out there. 

Dell is offering Fallout 4 (with free release date delivery) if you order by November 4th. The company is throwing in a $25 Dell Promo eGift Card with the purchase which you could put towards another game this holiday season. 

Dell isn't the only one offering a Fallout 4 deal. Best Buy is offering two Fallout 4 deals for Xbox One, PS4 and PC including one that will net My Best Buy members some extra cash

Microsoft is offering a $10 Xbox gift code and free release date delivery if you order by 10AM on November 6th.

Amazon is also offering a deal to Prime members that shaves some bucks off the price tag. Some users on Reddit are reporting double/triple discounts from Amazon but it's not clear if those discounts are going to hold up ahead of the game's release date.

While you shouldn't expect any Fallout 4 Pip Boy Edition deals (except maybe at Best Buy) to emerge, you should be able to save some money on the regular version of the game. 

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