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9 Things to Know About the Fallout 4 Wasteland Workshop DLC



Quick Wasteland Workshop Review

Quick Wasteland Workshop Review

We downloaded and installed Wasteland Workshop on release day and we've been playing around with the new items for several weeks now.

Before we get into a quick review, a few notes about the Wasteland Workshop download/installation. The installation process (we're Season Pass holders) was quick and painless. The file took less than a minute to download and install.

Once you fire up the game, you aren't going to notice anything different right off the bat. But once you head on over to a settlement and a workshop you'll notice the new items. Again, here is the full list of features that come with the DLC. 

We have a few personal favorites. The neon tubes that you can use to spell out anything are a nice little touch and they add some personality to your settlements.

We also like the new lettering which includes signage for things like Chems, Ammo, Clothing, and more. We're Fallout 4 hoarders and these have helped us get that under control. A little bit.

If you plan to build sizable arenas, you'll need a ton of concrete. Fortunately, gamers have already found some excellent places to acquire large quantities of the material. This saved us a ton of time. 

The creature taming and arena fighting is a fun way to pass the time and we've had some run with captured raiders and Gunners who will always remain hostile. They don't like captivity too much it seems. 

So far, the Wasteland Workshop feels like it's worth $5. Mods cover some of the DLC but there's enough here to make it worthwhile for hardcore Fallout 4 gamers and casual players alike. Just don't go into it expecting the world. 

If you're looking for something more substantial you'll want to look into the Automatron DLC and/or Far Harbor



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