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10 Things to Know About the iPad iOS 8.4 Update



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Public iOS 9 Beta for iPad

Public iOS 9 Beta for iPad

Apple hasn't announced iOS 8.4's successor. It could be an iOS 8.4.1 bug fixer or it could be an iOS 9 update. We're not sure. What we are sure about though is a public iOS 9 beta release out right now for all versions of the iPad.

The public iOS 9 beta is confirmed for July and it's inching closer to release. An exact date isn't in stone just yet but there's a very good chance we'll see it released before the month is over.

What this means is that iOS 8.4 users are now able to move to the iOS 9 update ahead of its release this fall. And as we've pointed out, there are some reasons to consider the move. If you do decide you want to install the beta, you'll want to check out these steps to take before making the move.

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  1. Robert E Handley

    07/19/2015 at 6:05 pm

    I have a iPad Air 2 running iOS 8.4. Just discovered that in my iBooks in the PDF Lib. I had created different Lib for PDF documents that I down load. And I had moved those documents to the new Lib from the PDF Lib. Now after I updated to 8.4 all of the PDF documents are showing up back into the PDF lib in addition to the new Lib that I had moved them to. If I delete it in the PDF lib it is gone in my custome Lib also. I used to keep Misc. PDF documents in my PDF folder now every PDF I have downloaded is back in that Lib. A real mess. It has taken me considerable amount of time in the past to organize these documents now I don’t have a clue wher to start.

  2. Art

    08/27/2015 at 5:55 pm

    I am being prompted to update to 8 every day. Are the “bug fixes” they promise worth risking any system problems, and what are the bugs being fixed?

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