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10 Ways to Stay Productive with Your Mobile Device



We all use Tablet PCs, UMPCs, and the like to help us be productive with a mobile device. We learn what works / doesn’t work given each of our own unique work requirements. Web Worker Daily has compiled a list of 10 tips on being productive, and they are quite practical.

This tip caught my eye as a huge plus for using a UMPC or Tablet PC – jotting down those notes while you are out. Since the author didn’t point it out, I will – a Tablet PC and OneNote’s SideNote is perfect for those sudden bursts of inspiration. That said, I also carry a MoleSkine for those times where carrying a Tablet PC just isn’t practical or is a disruption to the setting I find myself in.

9. Edit and write. Many mobile devices aren’t the best ways to write. But if you want to do some editing, they’ll do just fine. And if you’re seized by sudden inspiration, it’s best to write it down, while you remember. Some of your best snippets of writing can be done on the mobile device.

One of the most useful tips, in my opinion, was this one on setting boundaries:

10. Set boundaries. All of this productive work is well and good, but it’s not healthy to be working all the time, wherever you go. Set times to work, and times to relax, and don’t cross the boundaries. For example, if you have a family at home, when you go home, be with them. Don’t use your mobile device at the table, on the couch, at a restaurant. Use it when you have down time where you can’t do anything but wait, or do it if you aren’t with anyone and it’s work time, but when it’s personal time, disconnect, put the device away, and relax.

What other tips do you have on staying productive with your mobile device? What works for you that others could benefit from?

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