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100 Evernote Invites!!! Come and get ’em



image I have just been given a bank of 100 Evernote invites!!  All you have to do is post up your e-mail into the comments and one will be yours!!

Make sure and check out Warners InkShow for a nice overview if you want to know what Evernote is all about.

Two Things:

  • If you posted to Warner’s thread, don’t post to this one – he is going to supply those that commented under that thread
  • You have to leave your e-mail in the comment form – it doesn’t have to be in the post itself, just in the form (you won’t see them, but we do :) )

Thanks and Enjoy Evernote!!

UPDATE – 154 comments…  I said I had 100…  Hey – but guess what!  All of you are going to get invites!!  I will get up to the 100 tonight, but the rest of you might have to wait till tomorrow morning.  I guess Rob got a few and he will be sending the last 54 of you some invites :)

He might have a few more in the AM, we’ll see!!

BTW – I have closed comments for now

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