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A $100,000 iPhone 5 for Those with Deep Pockets



Goldgenie, the company behind the $2200 Samsung Galaxy S4, is back with another expensive version of a popular smartphone, this time an Apple iPhone 5 sporting both gold and diamonds with a price tag that only a select few will be able to afford.

Earlier this year, Goldgenie, a company that specializes in high-end versions of popular smartphones, announced an extremely pricey version of the Samsung Galaxy S4. Specifically, the device is a Samsung Galaxy S4 that costs $2200 and comes with Gold, Platinum and Rose Gold 24ct. bands. Users have the choice between the white or black Galaxy S4 though the precious metals ensure that the price is far more expensive than the $199 Galaxy S4 price at most U.S. carriers.

This solid gold iPhone 5 can be yours for only $75,000.

This solid gold iPhone 5 can be yours for only $75,000.

Goldgenie though has decided to up the ante with a new limited edition version of the iPhone 5 that comes with solid 18.ct gold, 300 certified diamonds and a price tag that puts the Galaxy S4’s to shame.

The price tag for the solid gold Superstar ICE iPhone 5, as the company calls it, is a whopping £68,000.00. When converted, it means that the device would cost buyers in America over $106,000. Again, this is for an iPhone 5, a device that is $199.99 on-contract on all carriers in the United States. Of course, Goldgenie is offering a less expensive model for those that can’t afford its top-flight Superstart ICE iPhone 5.

For a model without the diamonds, dubbed Solid Gold Superstar iPhone 5, buyers will have to shell out £48,000.00 which is just about $75,000 dollars for buyers in the U.S., a steep discount over the model that encrusted with diamonds.

This diamond encrusted iPhone 5 is over $100,000.

This diamond encrusted iPhone 5 is over $100,000.

Those with this kind of cash will be delighted to know that the iPhone 5 is SIM-free which means that it can be taken to carriers around the globe. It will also come with the same specifications that come with the regular version of the iPhone 5.

That means a 4-inch Retina display, 8MP camera, HD front-facing camera, iOS 6 and more. And like the other iPhone 5 models, it will be updated to the new iOS 7 which is coming some time later on this fall.

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