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10DESIGN Watchtower Apple Watch Stand Review



The 10DESIGN Watchtower Apple Watch stand looks amazing stays in place and offers an excellent way to charge your Apple Watch.

Available in silver and slate to match the silver and space grey Apple Watch color options this Apple Watch stand is leaps and bounds better than charging the watch flat on a nightstand.

The 10DESIGN Watchtower is very heavy at almost a pound, and most of the weight is in the base so it stays in place when you take the Apple Watch off in the morning. It also stays in place when placing the watch on the stand at night, even if you don’t have the best aim.

Read our 10DESIGN Watchtower Apple Watch stand review to see how we like this option.

Read our 10DESIGN Watchtower Apple Watch stand review to see how we like this option.

I definitely like the space grey look of the 10DESIGN Watchtower Apple Watch stand. It is very close to the space gray Apple Watch Sport that I own.

There is a small channel carved into the back of the Watchtower Apple Watch stand that keeps the cable in place and routes it to the base and off to the back of the stand for a clean nightstand or desk. A small plastic insert connects to your Apple Watch charger and holds it in place.

It is easy to insert the cable and charger, and just as easy to remove it. You don’t need to buy a second Apple Watch charger if you only want to remove it for trips, but if you find that you need to carry your charger every other day, it would be smart to invest in a spare so this one can stay in the Watchtower.

10DESIGN Watchtower Apple Watch Stand Review - 1

With this design and the small connector, the metal of the Apple Watch doesn’t touch the Watchtower’s aluminum finish, so there is no need to worry about scratches.

Users can place the Apple Watch on with the band open or the band closed. Either option works and there is a curved area for the band to rest on. I use the Apple Watch Sport with the Sport band, so I could not test how this works with a metal band option, but 10Design says the curved surfaces help avoid scratching your Apple Watch and that this works with any band.

The watch sits 4.25-inches high so it is easy to see and to place the watch on to. A small slant positions the face to where you can see it at a glance. One thing to keep in mind is that the design is not set up to take advantage of the new sideways charging mode that will show information when the watch charges with WatchOS 2 this fall.

At $59 this is one of the more expensive Apple Watch stands, but looks and feels like a premium product and matches the colors of the Apple Watch very well. You can buy the 10DESIGN Watchtower direct from 10Design.

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You need to use your Apple Watch charger and it fits in and the cord trails off to the side. This is available in silver and arrives starting on May 8th.

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