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12 Exciting Official OnePlus 3 Accessories



The recently released OnePlus 3 smartphone has a lot to offer for a low price, which leaves extra funds for a lot of exciting accessories. Owners will want to consider getting cases, chargers, headphones and other things for the best experience. Here are multiple official accessories for the OnePlus 3 made or sold by OnePlus themselves.

On June 14th the company unveiled its latest flagship smartphone at a virtual reality launch event, and released it without an invite system for the first time ever. It’s new OnePlus 3 is better, faster, made of aluminum and has a huge battery for all-day usage. It has a lot to offer yet only costs $399, half that of the comparable competition.

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Like every OnePlus smartphone release over the past couple of years, the company has once again done a great job in offering tons of cases, covers, chargers and other accessories to complete the experience for users. With a new fast charging technology and USB Type-C most old cables and chargers won’t work, not to mention the new design means owners will want to get a case. OnePlus has multiple options buyers will want to know about, and buy.


When it comes to buying accessories, cases, chargers, and more for smartphones we have a lot of options. However, being a phone from a smaller company rather than something like Samsung the choices aren’t as widespread. Luckily for us they have plenty, then there are even more on Amazon.

Heading to Amazon users will be able to choose from a wide selection of unofficial options, which may work well but aren’t certified by the smartphone manufacturer. That said, head to the OnePlus store for a full selection and even more choices, or the link below for a great case.

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A few of the options being sold by OnePlus aren’t new and were released with the OP2 last year, but everything in our slideshow below is an official accessory and will work great with the new OnePlus 3. Things like excellent headphones, USB Type-C adapters instead of buying all new cables, spare charging cords for separate rooms and more. They even have bundles for those looking to save a few bucks. Click the arrows below to enjoy a slideshow of all the official accessories as well as links to buy any of interest.

OnePlus 3 StyleSwap Cases

OnePlus 3 StyleSwap Cases

 First up has to be the official OnePlus 3 StyleSwap shells, also know as snap-on cases for smartphones. OnePlus has always offered these for their phones, and this year have 5 great options for buyers. Now that the phone is all metal the Sandstone finish is a thing of the past, but there's a StyleSwap cover for that.

OnePlus offers a snap-on case in the popular Sandstone, Bamboo, Rosewood, Carbon Fiber, and Black Apricot Wood. The last one of which is our favorite. These retail for $19.95 or $24.

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