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12 Million Copies of Office for iPad Downloaded in One Week



Pent up demand? Curiosity? Something new to download? It makes no difference to Microsoft and Apple why it happened but Microsoft announced today that 12 million copies of its Office for iPad had been downloaded in the first week of availability. The numbers include downloads of Word, Excel, Powerpoint and OneNote. There’s no word yet on how many of those downloads translated into new Office 365 subscriptions. In order to use the new Apps for more than viewing documents an Office 365 subscription is required. The retail price is $99 per year or $9.99 per month, although there are cheaper options to be found.


12 million sounds like a big number, and it is. But for some context it is important to note that there is no single download that brings each of those Apps to your iPad. So customers downloading both Word and Excel, for example, will be counted as two downloads.

iTunesWhile Word, Excel and Powerpoint take the top three positions in the App Store’s Top Free App List, Microsoft Word is listed as number 10 in the Top Grossing Apps list.

Given the vast number of Microsoft Office users out there, early large numbers of downloads are no real surprise. The real measurements will come once we see how many new Office 365 subscriptions have been sold since the release of the new Apps on March 27. Assuming that data is made available.

Keep in mind that Apple’s App Store policies mean that Apple receives 30% of any sale. Microsoft’s “freemium” offering for these new Apps mean that some users will opt to purchase an Office 365 subscription through an in-App purchase. And given that Microsoft has been reporting good sales volume for Office 365 (3.5 million Home Premium users as of January, 2104) prior to this new App release, certainly quite a few of those who downloaded the new free Apps already had an Office 365 account ready to go.


1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. dksmidtx

    04/04/2014 at 8:22 am

    Since you only have to activate the first app through the Office 365 account, it is logical that Word has the highest gross sales figure. To me it is amazing that it is top 10 since so many users are out there that already have, or will after download, get their activation through a direct Office 365 account instead of an in-app purchase. If I were Microsoft I’d be ecstatic, except for the “don’t release it” holdouts that are now suffering a barrage of “told-you-so” comments from the insiders who fought for its release.

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