13 Reasons You'll Love the PS4
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13 Reasons You’ll Love the PS4



After spending almost two years using the PS4 and the Xbox One there are some clear advantages to Sony’s offering. Here is a look at the reasons you’ll love the PS4. Not all of the reasons we love it are exclusive features and games, but there are certainly some stand out features that you can only get on the PlayStation 4.

The PS4 arrived in late 2013 and with a growing catalog of games and developers ramping up to deliver beautiful games that use the power of the new console to look better and deliver smarter and faster gaming experiences we want to share why the PS4 stands out.

It is unlikely that there will be a PS5 release anytime soon as Sony continues to focus on adding features to the PlayStation 4 through software updates and allowing developers continue to deliver exciting games that leverage new features.

Wether you are upgrading from the PS3  or Xbox 360 or switching from Xbox One to PS4 after a year of playing on the competition these are the standout PS4 features.

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The PS4 price is still stuck at $399, which is $50 more than the base Xbox One, but there is definitely a lot of value in the PS4 and there are some options to get a free game or two when you upgrade that will help with the higher price. When you look at the investment in a console that will last you years and that will deliver hours and hours of play time, the price is less important.

Here are the reasons we love the PS4, and why we think you will be happy with the PS4 as your primary gaming console. Buy the PS4 for $399 new with The Last of Us Remastered.

13 Reasons You’ll Love the PS4

Delivers Better Games Than PS3

Delivers Better Games Than PS3

Many of the big releases still come to the older PS3, but 2015 is definitely the year to upgrade from PS3 to PS4 if you like your games to look great and add new features.

Games like Madden 16FIFA 16 and Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 are coming to the PS3 and to the PS4, but the PS3 version will not look as nice and will not likely offer all the same features. The power in the PS4 doesn't just drive graphics, it enables smarter AI that can change how you play a game.

While the differences in-game quality were less noticeable in 2013, as we approach the busy fall season of new releases there is a major incentive to upgrade to the PS4 and enjoy the best version of each game that delivers all the exciting new features, not just a handful of them. 

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