15 Best HTC 10 Cases

HTC partnered with a big group of companies and 3rd party manufacturers to make some of the best HTC 10 cases that are available right now. Owners looking to protect that bright screen or premium metal frame may want to consider one of the many cases outlined and detailed below.

We’ve round up multiple HTC 10 cases from top brands we know, trust, and have used on the Galaxy S7, HTC One M9 and more. These cases are available on Amazon, from HTC themselves, or from manufacturer websites and more.

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Like past years HTC is offering a few cases of their own, but the selection is somewhat limited. As a result top brands like Incipio, Spigen, Tauri, and countless others have filled in the gap for buyers. Below are more than a few great HTC 10 cases worth buying.

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HTC announced their new phone on April 12th, but the release didn’t kick off until May 4th with Verizon, then other carriers in the following weeks. Since then multiple top brands have released entire lineups of cases. As a result buyers have huge selections to choose from. Like durable protection, thin feather cases, kickstands, wallet cases and much more.

The new 10 has a similar design as last year, but much better with refinement across the board. The dual front speakers have been moved to different locations for a sleek front without the big bezels, and average cameras or battery life are a thing of the past. We now have a capable 12 megapixel camera and a dedicated fingerprint scanner on front. These cases won’t get in the way of any features of the phone.

Now that the phone has been available for a few months at Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile, cases are available everywhere. Buy it from your carrier of choice, then buy one of the many HTC 10 cases below to protect your phone. We’ve also added a unique bumper case that doesn’t cover the beautiful aluminum finish, but still adds tons of protection. Check it out below.

HTC 10 Ice View Case

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HTC 10 Ice View Case

Following the success and tradition of the popular HTC Dot View case from previous years, HTC has an all-new case for 2016 called the "Ice View Case". Rather than being a flip case with tiny dots all over that lets light shine through for quick notifications, the entire case is "iced" and glazed over, yet still see-through so owners can get information without opening a case.

The HTC Ice View combines protection for your phone with instant accessibility. With this case owners can take photos in a snap, read texts, adjust the volume, switch between songs, turn on the flashlight and much more without ever opening the case and exposing the device. HTC Ice View also supports 3rd party notifications like Instagram, Facebook, Google+ and more.

Double tapping the screen while the phone is off will instantly show users the time, date, battery life (the big circle) and even weather information and incoming notifications. All while still being protected by the front cover. This at-a-glance information can all be heavily themed and customized as users see fit as well.

A quick swipe will show users a text message, give access to volume and music playback controls, or even quickly launch the camera and snap photos. It's a breeze, easy to use, and a case all prior HTC owners have enjoyed.  It's still a nice case, has a HTC branded magnet to turn off the display when closed and much more. Buy one now so it's ready and waiting when the phone is released.

Buy the HTC Ice View for $49.99

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