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15 iOS 7 Predictions



As expected, Apple introduced the new version of iOS at the Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco, taking the shroud down from around iOS 7, an update that Apple is calling the biggest change to iOS since the introduction of the iPhone back in 2007. The software is slated for a fall release but ahead of that release, it’s time to make some bold iOS 7 predictions.

In the build up to WWDC 2013, Apple was heavily rumored to be announcing a new versions of its OS X and iOS software. Apple didn’t let anyone down and took the stage to show off several new products that it had been working on including new MacBook Airs, a new Mac Pro, and of course the stars of the show, OS X Mavericks and iOS 7.

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Apple saved maybe the best for last with the introduction of iOS 7, a piece of software that will be coming to iPhone, iPad and iPod touch this fall to replace the current version of iOS, iOS 6. Unlike past iOS updates, iOS 7 features a drastic overhaul, not just in terms of features, but in the looks department as well. That is to say, iOS 7 looks vastly different from any previous version of iOS.

From a new color palate, to new icons, to new textures, iOS 7 is a remarkable transformation from version of iOS that is sitting on iPhones and iPads around the world right now. Virtually nothing looks the same.

Of course, iOS 7 is also a work in progress. Apple has only released one iOS 7 beta thus far, meaning it has a long way to go before the company and its developers work out the kinks of the new software.

Apple has set an iOS 7 release deadline of this fall which means that it will be hitting consumers sometime between the months of September, October and November.

Ahead of that highly anticipated release date, it’s time to make some iOS 7 predictions, 15 of them in fact, about the iOS 7 release date, its features and more.

September Release

We expect the iOS 7 release in September.

We expect the iOS 7 release in September.

Maybe the biggest question that consumers have about the iOS 7 update is when it will be coming out for the iPhone and iPad. Apple, so far, has only said that it will be releasing the software sometime this fall, leaving a wide swath of time open for a roll out.

While no specific dates have leaked out yet, we think that iOS 7 will be heading to users sometime in September. Here are several reasons why we think this will be the case.

  • iOS updates tend to stay in beta for 60-90 days. That points to August-September.
  • iPhone 5S is heavily rumored for September. Makes sense since the iPhone 5 came out in September and it’s sandwiched nicely between summer and holiday shopping months.

It’s entirely possible that we could see Apple wait into the deep regions of fall to release iOS 7, remember it’s a big overhaul and not close to being finished, but our gut tells us that Apple will release iOS 7 in September.

iOS 7 for iPhone, iPad At Same Time

Interestingly, Apple didn’t release the iOS 7 beta for iPhone and iOS 7 beta for iPad at the same time. Instead of releasing it on announcement day, Apple opted to push the iPad iOS 7 beta to the summer with a release date still unknown. Despite the difference in release dates, we fully expect Apple to release the iOS 7 updates for iPhone and iPad at the same time, as it has done in the past.

No Need to Get Up Early to Install iOS 7

What would iOS 7 predictions be if we didn’t make predictions in regards to the actual time that iOS 7 will be released when it arrives this fall. Typically, Apple iOS updates arrive around the same time, somewhere in between 9AM and 10AM PST. That’s no guarantee that Apple will do the same thing with iOS 7, but we expect its release to fall sometime in the morning on a day in September, likely in between those times.

Keep in mind, Apple will make it available not only through iTunes, but Over-the-Air as well meaning iPhone and iPad owners will be able to install and download without the use of wires.

iOS 7 Download Issues Prominent

What would an iOS update be without download issues? In the past, we’ve seen Apple’s servers crumble under the pressure, causing havoc for iPhone and iPad owners. We’ve seen users complain about losing files. And we’ve seen users run into storage problems when trying to install a new piece of iOS software.

The latter of those issues will be prominent amongst 16GB iPhone and iPad owners trying to install Over-the-Air as the iOS 7 update will be extremely large and will require tons of space to install. To get around that, users will simply have to install through iTunes.

Even with workarounds available, we still predict madness when the iOS 7 update touches down with Apple’s support forums being inundated with complaints.

iPhone 5S Comes with iOS 7

There are rumors swirling around about Apple’s plans for the iPhone in 2013 with whispers suggesting that it may be coming out with a larger screen iPhone to accompany a smaller flagship. At this point, given Tim Cook’s remarks, lack of credible leaks and tons of leaks pointing to a refresh of the iPhone 5 design, we think that Apple will be launching only one flagship alongside iOS 7, the iPhone 5S.

In the past, Apple has used the same design from the previous model in its ‘S’ series. The iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4S both kept the designs of their predecessors. And while people are certainly campaigning for a design overhaul with the new iPhone, particularly in the display department, we think that Apple will instead simply improve the innards of the iPhone while keeping the same design.

That said, we fully expect a new iPhone to debut when iOS 7 is released and our gut tells us that it will be the iPhone 5S, a device packing a new camera, new processor but design similar to the iPhone 5.

No New iPads with iOS 7 Release

Don't expect an iPad 5 or iPad mini 2 with the release of iOS 7.

Don’t expect an iPad 5 or iPad mini 2 with the release of iOS 7.

While we expect a new iPhone to debut alongside the iOS 7 release, we don’t think Apple is going to introduce a new iPad when it finally confirms the iOS 7 release date.

Rumors suggest that an iPad 5 and iPad mini 2 with Retina Display will be coming later on this year and given how recent we saw the iPad 4 and iPad mini emerge, we think that Apple is content with waiting until just before the holiday shopping season to strike with new iPad models.

This not only ensures quality products on shelves for the holiday shopping season but it also means that Apple can once again skip March when it comes to an iPad launch and rely on their lineup of tablets well into 2014.

No iOS 7 Jailbreak at Release

iPhone and iPad owners hoping for an iOS 7 jailbreak on its release date are going to want to start tempering their expectations. In fact, we don’t think there will be an iOS 7 jailbreak ready when iOS 7 arrives this fall.

First off, it’s a bit strange that we haven’t seen proof of an iOS 7 jailbreak soon after the beta release, which is a rite of passage for iOS betas. That doesn’t mean that those behind the popular Evasi0n jailbreak aren’t hard at work behind the scenes, but it is a little out of the ordinary. We’ve also seen a noted member of the team pod2g, proclaim his disdain for iOS 7 and claim that he may be moving to Android.

Don't expect an Evasi0n jailbreak for iOS 7 at launch.

Don’t expect an Evasi0n jailbreak for iOS 7 at launch.

Evasi0n did not arrive for iOS 6 on release date either so at this point. So at this point, we don’t have our hopes up for an arrival around the iOS 7 release. We’re not saying there won’t be an iOS 7 jailbreak, we’re just saying that iPhone and iPad owners will likely have to wait beyond its initial arrival for it to touch down.

Exclusive iOS 7 Feature(s) for iPhone 5S

Because Apple is likely to announce and release an ‘S’ iPhone model this year in the iPhone 5S, it will need to go to great lengths in order to sell the device to consumers. Part of that will be the hardware including an upgraded camera and processor. However, we also think that part of that will be software.

With the iPhone 4S, Apple introduced Siri, a unique software feature that is now commonplace on Apple’s devices. Apple used Siri as a major selling point for the iPhone 4S, even introducing a series of quirky ads featuring the personal assistant.

The iPhone 5S should have unique software.

The iPhone 5S should have unique software.

We believe Apple will offer a unique iOS 7 feature on the new iPhone as well with signs pointing to a possible tie in with a fingerprint reader that is said to be embedded in the home button.

While that’s unconfirmed, prospective iPhone 5S buyers should expect something unique when it comes to iOS 7, something that hasn’t been shown off on stage or in the iOS 7 beta.

No New Major Features for Older Phones


Don’t expect any more big features for phones like the iPhone 4S.

While we think that the iPhone 5S will be getting at least one major feature that Apple hasn’t shown off yet, we don’t think that Apple will bestowing any more major features upon owners of current iPhone and iPad models.

Certainly, there is a chance for new features to emerge when the software is made official, features that Apple kept out of the iOS 7 beta, but we don’t expect those to be big additions. Instead, we think they will be smaller tweaks to things that already exist.

The current iOS 7 is coming with a ton of new features as it is, AirDrop being on in particular, and we think that Apple will stick to the major features that it has already revealed.

iPad Enhancements

That’s not to say that we think all iOS 7 updates for older phones will be alike. In fact, we think that Apple may be coming up with some unique enhancements for its larger devices, the iPad and the iPad mini.

Several years ago, we saw Apple introduce the split keyboard for the iPad, something that is beneficial to iPad owners but isn’t necessarily something that iPhone owners would be interested in due to the smaller display.

Because we haven’t seen iOS 7 for the iPad yet, it’s impossible to say if those enhancements are already included but we would put money on iOS 7 for iPad coming with some tweaks that are unique to the iPad, tweaks that iPhone owners won’t ever see.

There Will Be iOS 7 Bugs

Yes, there is an iOS 7 beta for the iPhone and soon, for the iPad as well. The beta will be used by Apple and developers to iron out issues that are plaguing the software ahead of its release. That unfortunately doesn’t mean that iOS 7 will be void of bugs. In fact, the software will more than likely come with a number of smaller issues.

We expect to hear the usual battery drain complaints from iPhone and iPad owners but the software should also come with some other, probably annoying issues that will put iPhone and iPad owners on edge.

As we’ve seen with the iPhone 5 and iOS 6, users are still experiencing issues with Wi-Fi, even after months of updates and possible fixes. We’re not exactly sure what iOS 7 bugs will be on board but we are certain that there will be iOS 7 bugs.

Bugs are a given when it comes to software.

Developers Will Offer More Reasons to Upgrade

iOS already has a high adoption rate amongst iPhone and iPad owners but we believe that along with the features of iOS 7, developers will give iPhone and iPad owners some reasons to upgrade to the new software.

With new features and a dramatic change to the looks of iOS 7, we expect developers to come up with some ingenious ways of utilizing the new software.

Whether it’s improving the looks of an app to go along with the look of iOS 7 or offering some features that require iOS 7 to operate, we think that major applications will take full advantage of Apple’s new software and give current owners a good reason to upgrade to the new software.

Icons Won’t Change Dramatically

There is a lot of talk out there about the new icons in iOS 7. Many iOS 7 beta users hate the icons and there are even memes out there about Jony Ive and his redesign. Plenty of people will want Apple to change the looks of the iOS 7 icons with the final release and that’s a possibility. Remember, Apple likes to cater to its user base.

Pull down to access Spotlight from any iOS home screen.

There is disdain for iOS 7’s icons.

We think that Apple will likely tweak some of the icons but we don’t expect the company to drastically overhaul the look of the icons. What we mean is, don’t expect the icons to revert back to anything close to what they once were. The new overall look of iOS 7 is here to stay and many of the icons that are in place right now fit in well with Apple’s new UI.

Extreme Learning Curve for Some

Young people who have grown up with smartphones will have no trouble with the upgrade from iOS 6 to iOS 7. That is to say that the iOS 7 learning curve won’t be too steep. Same goes for those that will be buying an iOS device for the first time.

However for older people, particularly those that bought the iPhone or iPad for the simple nature of iOS, the upgrade to iOS 7 may be a bit of a nightmare. There will be new gestures. Things will be in different places. Things look different. The lock screen now has several different arrows. For those people, our parents, this will be a nightmare.

Slowly but surely, these people will learn and adapt but at first, expect the loudest complaints to be from older users of iOS.

Get Used to iOS 7

iOS 7 is a new beginning for iOS and it’s a new beginning for other Apple products as well. We believe that Apple has set itself up nicely for a transition to a larger iPhone model, possibly the iPhone 6, and the software should translate well to Apple’s rumored iWatch, if it ever makes it to shelves.

While some may not like the look of the new software, it’s time to get used to it as iOS 7 is Apple’s big bet for the next five years or so as it looks to stay ahead of its competitors. That means that Apple will likely do what it did with the previous look of iOS and its various iPhone and iPad models.

Tweak it, improve it, and build.



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    To the author:

    I only have a couple of points to note, since I only skimmed over your essay.

    Firstly, the evasion jailbreak team made it clear there would be no early iOS 7 release(s) as they only have a couple of exploits left they hope to use. If a jailbreak is successful in iOS 7 expect it after the first or second service pack whereby apple may have corrected issues that we all know will have to be fixed.

    Second, I’m not sure what you’ve been looking at, but I’m running the beta in an old iPod touch and my tech illiterate mother had zero issues navigating around like she did previously on iOS 6. Know why? Because the standardized gestures are no different. I seriously doubt any learning curve will be present for anyone, certainly not like you’re presuming.

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