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$15/month Internet Makes Your Audi Easier on the Budget



Audi announced a cheaper version of its Audi Connect service that provides unlimited 3G wireless Internet in your vehicle for $15/month. WiFi access in-car is a growing trend, and Audi was the first company to offer it integrated within the vehicle without a dealer add-on module. Now, they are trying to make a statement by offering it cheaper than anyone else.

Powered by T-Mobile, Audi Connect allows the vehicle itself to connect to the Internet for access to Google Earth, Google Local search and more. Also, the vehicle acts as a WiFi hot spot, letting people connect their laptops and iPads to the vehicle. The plan is virtually unlimited, even though T-Mobile does reserve the right to throttle high data consuming individuals. According to Brad Stertz, Audi’s Communication Manager…

T-Mobile reserves the right to limit highly extreme users, but I’m not aware that has ever happened.

Audi Connect

The Connect plans from Audi are a pre-paid type setup, and in order to get the $15/month access, you must purchase 30 months of service at $400. But as you can see from the screen grab from Audi’s website, 30 months of access is cheaper at $400 total than 24 months of access at $600 total!

Audi Connect Pricing


Currently, BMW does offer their own in-vehicle Internet access through a dedicated connection. A lot of electric vehicles,  like the Tesla Model S and the Ford Focus Electric, also feature an integrated cellular connection. Other systems, like MyFord Touch, allow you to connect a USB network dongle to the USB port and use a wireless router built into the vehicle to share high-speed internet. The Tesla and the Ford Focus Electric’s systems are free for a time (the Tesla allows web browser access from the dash, but no wireless in vehicle, and the Focus Electric only allows a data connection for EV-specific information and not consumer access), but using a dongle requires a monthly subscription from a carrier.

Partnering with T-Mobile may be a good way to go for Audi, but their service is not nearly as ubiquitous as Verizon Wireless or AT&T, so depending on where you live your mileage may very.



  1. Dave

    04/15/2013 at 5:17 am

    That sure is one mobile hot spot.

  2. Mary Bauer

    04/15/2013 at 9:07 am

    This is really a great value for Audi owners who do a lot of travel and business in their Audi’s, mainly because they will be able to check email, get directions, or even find a bite to eat even fast than before. And since a lot of Audi owners use these luxury vehicles for business, it just makes sense to have high-speed internet at your fingertips.

    Audi’s MMI feature is evolving every year, and if anyone didn’t know, its Audi’s point of control for all infotainment components. This includes telephone, mobile phone, radio, navigation, TV, or wireless Internet in this case. The device reduces all of the essential controls by implementing unified logic, which permits a fast, user-friendly, intuitive ise of a large number of functions and technologies.

    Thanks for the share! Cheers!

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